largePremonition is defined as “a strong feeling that something is about to happen.” We all have that feeling sometimes, don’t we? That is what it’s like having worries or anxiety, I wouldn’t call that having a premonition. But that is how the great google-gods have defined it! We mustn’t question the great google-machine, shall we? May the google-gods smite me, I do! I question it.

I come from a long line of perpetual worry-warts and anxiety-ridden individuals. Having a sense of something looming in the distance is the story of my life! So, the question is…how do I determine which is purely worry, versus actual premonition?

Well, I’ll tell you. Familiarity. The definition is simply put, ‘close knowledge of something’. What would happen if we combined the two definitions? “A strong, close knowledge of something about to happen.” Doesn’t that somehow sound a little more on the mark? Or is it just me? I realize it essentially means the same thing, but for some reason, preplacing the word ‘feeling’ with ‘knowledge’ makes it sound absolute.

Is Familiar-Premonition even a thing? Because it should be.

It has taken me a long time to figure out the difference, but I have noticed a pattern in my feelings. This may not be the same for every psychic out there, but it is my way.

Have you ever gone somewhere and sworn that you had been there before? But you know you never have. Have you ever had Déjà vu so badly that you feel like you are stuck in some sort of matrix situation? THAT. That very feeling is what I am talking about. That is Claircognizance (or Familiar-Premonition!? Still not a thing? Well, I thought I would try.). You simply know because you have seen it before, you don’t know where, but you have.

The first time I ever felt it was when I was 5 years old. I was sitting in the back of my mom’s car and I felt the intense urge to tell my mother something I had seen. I pointed at the cigarette lighter and said, “Did you know that TV’s will be hooked from that?” My mother laughed so hard, she thought I had lost my mind. I insisted again that it was true, once again she chuckled…then she went silent and told me to quiet down because she was driving. This was in the mid to late 1980’s, power adapters for the car may have been a glimmer in inventors eyes at that point, but it sure as heck wasn’t  widely available. I didn’t care what people thought of my visions, I knew I had seen them and they were real. That was all I cared to know.

These types of events happened repeatedly while growing up. I always had an intimate knowledge of family history and events that had happened before I was born. I knew how to speak German as a young child, with no possible education or tutoring to explain the knowledge. I had a vast ability to identify flowers, down to the scientific name, and I could not even read yet. I had dreams of family members that were not born yet. I knew of war and fighting tactics and styles. All of this was before the internet became widely available and TV was still a luxury for us lower middle class start-up families.

The love of my life, whom I live with now, owns a house that the second I looked at it, I knew I would live in it. It felt like home and family to me. Mind you, we had only gone on a couple of very casual coffee and lunch dates, there was no way I could have known at that time that 2 years later it is the house I now call home. If I must be specific, it was the trees. Surrounding the home is pretty dense well-grown older trees. I stepped out the back door and felt greeted like I was coming home to old friends. It was a truth I felt in them, before I could have possibly known, but by seeing this and feeling this I knew. This was my home and this person will be the love of my life. Sure enough, here I am. We built a home together, not physically, but emotionally. We are making memories together, after all this time.

My advice to you is to keep that in mind. Don’t write it off as Déjà vu. Sit back and think about it. Keep a journal, heck, keep many journals! Put them everywhere; in your car, at your desk, in your day bag. Write down all things familiar, date and time stamp the things you write down. You will be shocked with what you find out. Sometimes the things you know don’t come to light for several years, but they do eventually, and having that account will really blow your mind. Not to mention, it will also teach you to trust yourself and the knowledge you feel so deep in you to be right.

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