How I Handle Unpleasant Spirits


Even with an incredibly powerful protective energy around you, unpleasant spirit energy is bound to slip through on occasion. My ability to hold off the negative around me depends on how stressed and tired I am at that time.

Being self-aware is important when it comes to fending off the negative; to know when you need to cleanse yourself is incredibly important. Then the most vital of all, after cleansing is done, put the good energy back into you. This can be done by simply doing something for yourself that you love. Get a massage, go for a walk, take a long bath, write a list of your best qualities, start a vision board, get a tattoo… something specifically for your enjoyment.

Something you must remember about spirits in general, it is NOT your responsibility to go around “fixing” every broken soul you come across. There is only so much you can do. You cannot spend your life like Jennifer Love Hewitt in “The Ghost Whisperer”. You have a life, you have a responsibility to your family and to yourself. Always choose the living over the dead.

My first mode of handling the unpleasant is always ignoring them. If they don’t leave you alone, then try the basic protections – such as a protective sphere around you, gemstones, herbs, meditation, etc.

Certain gemstones help to ward off bad juju; my favorites are Howlite, Bloodstone, Black Tourmaline, Lapis lazuli, and Smokey Quartz. The herbs generally used are Sage, Cedar, and Frankincense.

Now, let’s get to the interesting stuff.

If nothing I have tried before works and I come across a spirit energy that is incredibly stubborn and threatening, I have an ‘energy explosion’ that I can emit as a last resort. I use this extremely sparingly because it is draining and can cause me to have flu like symptoms for weeks after as my body recovers.

This energy starts as a little sphere the size of a billiard ball that I flood with all the energy I can muster in my body, while also drawing in the energy of the earth and the universe. It grows to a cantaloupe size in my Sacral Chakra, which is my abdominal area. Glowing brighter and becoming dense. The energy becomes so much that I can feel it filling my body, I hold onto it until I can barely stand to hold the energy any longer. Then I release it in one large burst outward. It reminds me of how stars implode and then burst outward, shooting pieces of burning chemicals in every direction, only in this case it is white hot energy. The energy then envelopes all negativity in a 200 foot radius, eradicating it, which leaves spirits incapable of doing any harm. The spirit energy then must retreat and regain strength, which takes weeks, leaving me time to take precautions for better protection.

Majority of the time, I fall asleep soon after. I will take anywhere from a 4 hour nap to a full nights rest of 8 hours (or more). When I say it wipes me out, that doesn’t really do it justice. I will be incapacitated for hours, but it does the job when it is needed.

I once went to a vacation home with my family, one that we frequented annually since I was a child. I never felt negativity before this occurrence, so I went with an open third eye, hoping to have some down time. I was uncomfortable the first day/night, but not enough to make me take any action, so I brushed it off. The second night I was woken up at 12 a.m. by a large black mass standing at the entryway of my bedroom. I asked it to leave, I put up a protective shield around myself, and I tried to relax. It would not leave and actually became more aggressive as I put up protective energy. I couldn’t turn my eyes away from the black mass I was seeing, so I laid there in utter terror for 3 hours. By 3:30 a.m. I was exhausted and losing my strength to protect myself. The spirit was winning the fight of wills. I knew I was running out of energy and had to do something. I focused every bit of myself, and the little amount of energy I had left, into the flaming sphere growing in my sacral chakra. It grew into the size of a watermelon before I wasn’t able to hold it any longer. I ‘pulled the trigger’ and sent it flying out. The black mass was gone, along with any lingering negative feelings I had regarding the house. Right as the feeling of relief rippled through me, I passed out. Hard.

I woke up with a start 2 hours later. I could still feel the absence of negativity in the surrounding area, but my body was adamant in conveying a message; “Get out of here. Now.” I jumped up, got dressed, packed my things and started loading the car. No one in the house emerged from their bedrooms until about 10 am. At which time they realized very quickly that I had packed up the entire house and was waiting to leave. My family has always trusted my instincts, so seeing me sitting at the dining room table visibly upset, insisting we must leave right away. The family and I were out the door and on the road within 15 mins.

Once we had reached about 10 miles distance from the vacation house I became calm again and was able to tell my family what I experienced. It turns out everyone had been uncomfortable all weekend and the reason they slept in that morning was because “something” finally gave them a sense of calm. I believe it was my energy ball bursting.

We have never gone back to that vacation home and my family sold it several years later.

Always protect yourself, no matter where you go.

Go with light and love.

What Shielding is Like

Shielding is like a sphere of lightning surrounding you. You should feel an immediate sense of security when it goes up. It gives you goosebumps on your skin because of the raise in energy around you.

Spirits will back away in awe of it. People will step away from you instinctually without any knowledge that they are doing so. Your back will straighten with a rise of confidence. Stress and anxiety should decrease noticeably. Your shoulders lower and your brow will unfurrow. Your surroundings will seem to slow down and you will feel aware of everything.

Your shield is purely for positivity only. Never put a shield around anyone in a defensive or restrictive manner. If you feel a negative sensation around you, protect yourself. It is much easier to control your own energy than to try and control someone else’s.

Shielding in order to survive a very dangerous situation is also good. An associate once told me a story about being on a plane that went through a terrible patch of turbulence. They put a protective shield around the entire plane in order to give a little push of safety. They mentioned that they could have sworn someone else was doing the exact same thing at that very moment, which only added to the strength of the shield. Subsequently the flight made its journey safely and without major issues, my associate believes the shield created by the passengers and herself had something to do with that.

Putting a shield around another person does not take away from your own shield. For example; I have shielded a child that was having an anxiety attack. It was not a shield of protection, because the danger was perceived, so a calming shield around them was sufficient. I wanted them to feel safe, not cut off or restrained. Now, if you feel negative energy surrounding a child, putting a protective energy around them is a wonderful thing to do as well.

Just like any energy work, you have to feel the intent of your purpose rise up inside you. You focus on the visual of a bubble (made of whatever substance you choose) circling your body. Then you practice that. When you have practiced it enough that you barely have to visualize it anymore, practice it again. Over and Over. The more you practice, the more your energy will begin to respond to your emotions instead of having to think about it.

These days my protection shield will “jump up” and create itself if i start to feel uncomfortable or threatened. I get very calm and still when others energies rise in a negative manner. This is because I have been practicing protection shields since I was a child and at this point I barely have to think about it anymore. When in an argument, it can drive people quite mad when they are screaming, as I sit there calmly smiling. Very few things stir me up these days. Injustice may be one of them, but overall I fail to let a person’s emotions and energy effect mine.

It is of the utmost importance that you continuously shield, especially when you are an empath or a psychic (or a mix of both). Shielding affects no one but you, it will never hurt anyone. The only thing you will do is make people with ill intentions feel uncomfortable enough that they will leave you alone. I prefer to send out passive protective energy, which allows people with ill intent to simply not notice me as a threat. However way you do it, just keep it up.

If you like the thought of a shield of pacifism, do so. Just envision the energy surrounding you not as a ‘defense’, but as a neutral space where no outside emotions will take hold of yours. It is a shield of open-mindedness, a shield of acceptance, and a shield of forgiveness.

Each person has a different way of shielding. Try to find something special and comfortable for yourself. You will feel peace once it is attained.

Go with light and love.

How I Shield


My shielding tendencies shift from soft and light to heavy and electric, based on my level of fear or sensing negative energies.

When I am simply putting up a barrier for myself to feel comfortable, it is merely a bubble. Soft white and powder blue, translucent and with rainbow shimmers and sparkles all over it. I literally envision a soap bubble surrounding me, with all of its beautiful light retractions shimmering off of it. This shield is meant for everyday use, travel, protecting children, relaxation, and general uses.

If I sense something I fear or feel a bad vibe around me, my shield becomes much denser with energy. It resembles a Plasma Globe, but it surrounds my entire body, with my body being the energy conductor in the center. I only bring this out when I am threatened or in a ‘fight or flight’ mode. This is only used when the negative energies I sense will not go away on their own accord after politely asking for them to leave me alone. This shield is bright and electric, covered in sparks, with lightning-like energy bursts crawling around the rainbow colored sphere.

How I make it happen? Lots of practiced focus. Over time your brain will naturally focus on that sphere the second you subconsciously feel a threat or are even slightly uncomfortable. If you focus on creating your own sphere every day, and create one every time you remember to do so, it is like muscle memory. It will become instinctive. Practice is the only way to make this happen! It won’t just happen if you don’t practice, then you run the risk of leaving yourself vulnerable.

Remember, no one may ever notice you have put a protective bubble around yourself. Making them does not hurt anyone around you, or at least it shouldn’t! If it does start to effect someone next to you then maybe you should re-evaluate the relationship (if you two do have a relationship of some kind). Think about it, if you put up a protective barrier around yourself, not allowing any negativity to enter or come near. Then a friend of yours suddenly gets upset or angry seemingly out of nowhere, maybe your friend doesn’t have your best interests in mind. Is that friendship toxic? Maybe one-sided? Now, if you do put it up and the people you are standing next become relaxed, then you have nothing to worry about. That would mean that you choose your friends wisely and they genuinely care about you.

If you have trouble creating a shield you could always repeat something in your head over and over. For example, repeat something like this; “I am safe. I am safe. I keep myself safe. I am safe.” That will help you stay on track and keep the focus on protection. Shields have to come from within you. If you must ask a higher power for help, I would suggest asking them to give you the strength to protect yourself. The shield is energy flowing through, and from, you. Without you there is no shield, you are important and always worth protecting.

Have faith in yourself. You can always protect you; never tolerate disrespect and mistreatment of your energies. Knowing these things will give you the power to create the shield around yourself. You must train your brain to have faith in your abilities to stop negativity. Repeat the saying repeatedly and over time it will stick. It may take 3 months or it may take 3 years, but keep it up! One day you will experience negativity happening around you and will catch yourself putting a stop to it.

Having faith in yourself will make you stand up and have the confidence to say, “Stop. I don’t like this.” Practices like this will transcend throughout your entire life. Soon you will find people treating you with more respect and asking for your advice. Positive things will naturally pull into your life without resistance. There may be others that try to push you down and make you feel lesser with ever step you take towards self-realization. Those are the people that have taken advantage of you and don’t like the confidence you are showing. Keep pushing ahead! This is your life and you are taking it back! “I am safe and I keep myself safe!”

Go with light and love.