What Shielding is Like


Shielding is like a sphere of lightning surrounding you. You should feel an immediate sense of security when it goes up. It gives you goosebumps on your skin because of the raise in energy around you.

Spirits will back away in awe of it. People will step away from you instinctually without any knowledge that they are doing so. Your back will straighten with a rise of confidence. Stress and anxiety should decrease noticeably. Your shoulders lower and your brow will unfurrow. Your surroundings will seem to slow down and you will feel aware of everything.

Your shield is purely for positivity only. Never put a shield around anyone in a defensive or restrictive manner. If you feel a negative sensation around you, protect yourself. It is much easier to control your own energy than to try and control someone else’s.

Shielding in order to survive a very dangerous situation is also good. An associate once told me a story about being on a plane that went through a terrible patch of turbulence. They put a protective shield around the entire plane in order to give a little push of safety. They mentioned that they could have sworn someone else was doing the exact same thing at that very moment, which only added to the strength of the shield. Subsequently the flight made its journey safely and without major issues, my associate believes the shield created by the passengers and herself had something to do with that.

Putting a shield around another person does not take away from your own shield. For example; I have shielded a child that was having an anxiety attack. It was not a shield of protection, because the danger was perceived, so a calming shield around them was sufficient. I wanted them to feel safe, not cut off or restrained. Now, if you feel negative energy surrounding a child, putting a protective energy around them is a wonderful thing to do as well.

Just like any energy work, you have to feel the intent of your purpose rise up inside you. You focus on the visual of a bubble (made of whatever substance you choose) circling your body. Then you practice that. When you have practiced it enough that you barely have to visualize it anymore, practice it again. Over and Over. The more you practice, the more your energy will begin to respond to your emotions instead of having to think about it.

These days my protection shield will “jump up” and create itself if i start to feel uncomfortable or threatened. I get very calm and still when others energies rise in a negative manner. This is because I have been practicing protection shields since I was a child and at this point I barely have to think about it anymore. When in an argument, it can drive people quite mad when they are screaming, as I sit there calmly smiling. Very few things stir me up these days. Injustice may be one of them, but overall I fail to let a person’s emotions and energy effect mine.

It is of the utmost importance that you continuously shield, especially when you are an empath or a psychic (or a mix of both). Shielding affects no one but you, it will never hurt anyone. The only thing you will do is make people with ill intentions feel uncomfortable enough that they will leave you alone. I prefer to send out passive protective energy, which allows people with ill intent to simply not notice me as a threat. However way you do it, just keep it up.

If you like the thought of a shield of pacifism, do so. Just envision the energy surrounding you not as a ‘defense’, but as a neutral space where no outside emotions will take hold of yours. It is a shield of open-mindedness, a shield of acceptance, and a shield of forgiveness.

Each person has a different way of shielding. Try to find something special and comfortable for yourself. You will feel peace once it is attained.

Go with light and love.

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