What keeps me from tuning it out or turning it off.


From my experiences, I have never been able to just turn off my abilities. It isn’t something that you can forcibly get rid of or avoid. It is a part of you. I have learned to manage my abilities over the years with constant practice through routine and living an introverted lifestyle. I choose my friends wisely and let go easily, I take my time with everyday tasks and decisions. I have found that being adaptable and flexible can keep you from going crazy while living this sort of life.

The only time my abilities have been dormant was after I had my child. Due to a lack of support, poor health, and a rough emotional patch – I believe my body was trying to repair itself and survive. Therefore my abilities dulled dramatically, but did not go away completely. During that time my energies would gather with nowhere to go. My inability to release the energies would then turn them into forms of black masses (or shadow people) that would haunt me and my home. It took about 3 years to get my mind, body, and energies back in order after that.

In order for me to control what and when I see things, I carry around an assortment of gemstones. They help, but they can only go so far. Gemstones and energy shields are the equivalent of an inhaler for asthma. They help to control the symptoms that could potentially, under the right circumstances, exacerbate an already chronic condition.

Sometimes there is just no resisting the visions, spirits, and feelings. That is when adaptability and flexibility is important. You have to relax and ride it out.

Out of respect for my friends and family, I do ‘turn it down’ in order to give them privacy from inadvertent prying. Now, ‘turning it down’ is just a term I use for others, it doesn’t mean it is turned off, it just means that the volume has been dimmed so low that I can barely hear it. I am essentially putting earmuffs on my spiritual ears and hoping for the best. I still get the occasional spirit or energy that seems to scream at the top of their metaphorical lungs, but if I ignore them long enough, they tend to get the point. Most spirits will be patient and wait their turn; time does not have the same meaning in their plane of existence.

You can also see the reason I must choose the friends and family I spend the most time with very carefully. By turning down the spiritual chatter while I am around them, it takes a massive amount of trust and will. I am essentially turning off my main source of instinctual information and trusting that the person will not take advantage of my naivety. It is terrifying, but it is also the quickest and easiest judge of character I have ever come across.

So, if you came here to try and figure out a way to make the chatter stop…I’m very sorry to inform you, but you are stuck with it. You will just have to learn to manage it day by day. My advice is to never ignore or push it away. From my experience, you can make yourself sick. It is how your body works and denying yourself of that will cause all sorts of adverse effects. Many doctors and scientists have documented the effects of living in a high stress environment and what it can do to your physical body. Pushing your body to disregard a natural progressionary cycle can do just as much, if not more, damage. Be gentle with yourself, be forgiving of yourself, and embrace who you are.

Go with light and love.

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