How psychics deal with grief.



cats_space-wallpaper-1366x768Grief is a whole different ballgame when you ‘see’ people after their physical self has ceased to be. Being a psychic, I get to see with my own eyes that it is not over after death. It does not make me have fond feeling towards death, by any means, but the understanding of the cycle does take some of the fear out of the process.

Sadness is still going to be there. Being sad that you don’t see someone ‘in the flesh’ still happens, you can’t stop grief. Seeing them in a ‘soul form’ is different. It is hard to explain, but trust me, it is different. They aren’t just who they were during this life, they are a culmination of all of their lives in one soul form. They remember past events, but it isn’t as tangible as it was in life. It is boiled down to feelings instead of factual memories; they remember the emotion attached to the experience and what it meant to them.

A loved one of mine passed away two years ago today and I was able to say my goodbyes to them before they passed. When I visited them just days before their passing, I told them I loved them, held their hand and waited for them to fall asleep. After they started napping I softly explained to them how important they are to me and how I will never forget the impact their life meant to mine. Then I explained that I will wait for them. When they are ready, they can find me and I will talk them through the transition of death. I am proud to say they transitioned well with little help from me, which only proves that certain personality traits are rarely lost once the physical body dies. They still provide me with guidance when I need it, just like in life, but with even more acceptance and care than before. I like to think I helped them, even if it was just a supportive ear when they had questions. Sometimes the spirits get to a point where they are ready to go on to wherever they need to go, but a lot of times they hang around me (or others) for years.

I make a point to leave myself open for others when they pass. What I mean by “open” is that I expect to feel or see them, and I welcome their soul to visit me. I tell friends and family to come to me if they need guidance after passing. Most of the time they do come, it may take a few hours or a few weeks, but they do show up eventually.

I try to be as supportive as I can when it comes to funerals and death in general. I have a personal preference not to cry at funerals, because I want to support others in their time of need. When it does come time for me to grieve, I find a nice comfortable private place where I sob my eyes out for about 30 mins, then I clean myself up and move on with my day. Grieving is a natural part of your bodies process of acceptance. It has to be done. Grieving is not weakness, it will not last forever, and you and your life will eventually move on as it should. Guilt and torturing yourself for things said or never said in life will not bring them back. Give yourself a break and do the best you can to give kindness forward with the life you have ahead of you.

Despite my ability to see beyond, I still feel the loss of someone’s passing, I am human after all. The family member I referenced previously will never get to see me get married, and I have to accept that. I have to have faith that they will be able to feel my happiness and that needs to be enough for me. If you look at it the way I do, you will realize that life is short and to be with the ones you love in that moment is precious. Never take care, kindness, and love for granted. They are not permanent, so treat every moment like you will never see it again. Believe me when I say that it will make even the most mundane moments abundant with depth and feeling. It will also make you realize your worth. The unacceptable negative treatment you may see throughout your life is no longer tolerated. It makes leaving that treatment behind to seek happiness easier to accomplish.

Loss is scary, but to have never had those wonderful moments in the first place is even scarier. Be thankful for the people that graced your life with kindness.

Side note: If you have trouble coping with grief, or even just want someone to talk to, seek out a spiritual counselor or a close friend. It is worth it. They can hear you out and give you advice on where to go from here. You are not alone in your feelings and you have people who care for you. Reach out if you need.

Go with light and love.

Centering yourself effectively: When sage and meditation doesn’t quite cut it.


Have you felt like you can’t quite shake this feeling of a raincloud following you around lately? Do you have a hardy string of bad luck that you can’t seem to shake? Maybe you have cleansed your house over and over but you still feel like something is ‘off’. Time to do some serious cleansing!

Here are a few options:

A long shower or bath (or both!). Sea Salts or Epsom Salts in your bath are good for cleansing your body and soul. The very best deep energy cleanser is adding Beer to your shower or bath. I am not joking, not only are the Hops fantastic for your hair and skin, it kicks bad juju hard in the ass. When bathing, take special care of every part of your body, do the grooming that you rarely have time to do. Take your time. Afterwards, take a nap or go lay down in bed with protective stones on your side table or under your mattress. If you aren’t tired, then read a book or listen to relaxing music – this is about calming and centering yourself effectively.

Get a massage and a facial combo. Maybe even throw in a pedicure for good measure. When you go, focus on having no expectations and no requirements. Have faith that you will be taken care of. Only think and say positive things, especially about your body. Make a special mention to yourself consciously about the wonderful qualities you possess.

Garden. Get your hands dirty in the soil. You want to be picking dirt out of your nail beds for days. You don’t have to plant anything, you don’t even really need a designated garden to accomplish this. Is there a section of your yard that needs pruning? Dig that stuff up if you have to. Do you live in an apartment? Go to a local nursery. Every chance you get, be sure to touch the plants (gently) and if you can, run your fingers through the soil.

Manual Labor. Have you been meaning to move boxes into the basement? Does your friend need help moving? Does the dog need a long walk? Have you been meaning to put a fresh coat of paint on a piece of furniture? Whatever it is that needs doing, close your mouth, turn off your phone, turn up the music and focus on the task at hand. Get sweaty! A great way to cleanse and center yourself is by sweating all of those built up toxins out of you. Plus, the energy you put into bettering your surroundings will cleanse it. Not to mention, give you a sense of accomplishment!

Exercise. Similar to the previously mention suggestion. Sweat out all your toxins in a preferred exercise, especially if it means going outdoors into the elements. Dress accordingly! Get that blood flowing through your muscles and shake the cobwebs off your bones.

No Negativity Allowed! I challenge you. For the next 2 weeks, you are not allowed to complain or allow a negative remark to cross your lips. No matter how bad shit gets in your life. Think about every single thing before you say it. Notice something you can’t stand? Instead of voicing it, make a point to find something nice to state out loud instead. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the remark would have been, no negativity allowed! This is meant to cleanse your ways of thinking and direct your energy in a better way. Trust me, it works.


  • You can combine several of the above suggestions to rid yourself of any lingering negativity.
  • Do not burn things you wish to let go! This is a bad idea and it will make the energy grow instead of dissipate.
  • If none of the above things help you, I would suggest talking to a spiritual counselor for some guidance. You may just be in a rough patch of your life, but the spiritual advisor should be able to hear out your worries and give you an assessment of your situation.

Go with light and love.

Do you feel someone’s emotions being broadcast so loudly you pick them up without knowing, until it has already happened?

Yes! All the time!

People don’t seem to realize how powerful they are and how loud their energies can get. Majority of the religions that have stood the test of time repeat the teachings of self-control, and I believe that this is the basis for that. We are all connected and can be felt by one another.

It does take me a little bit to realize that it is not my emotions I am feeling. Once I figure it out it is like being freed from a spell or snapping out of a trance. The effects are immediately gone and I can focus.

There are many terms used to describe people who cannot control the output or intake of energies. Here are a few; Psychic Vampire, Energy Bully, Emotion Bully, Energy Rape, Energy Leach, Energy Draining, Energy Vortex, etc. A lot of people have their own names for that feeling, but we have all felt it at one time or another, knowingly or not.

There is only so much you can do to try and block the outside energies from seeping into your comfort zone, especially if they are particularly strong at that moment. Emotions and energies can rise with their intensity of feeling. We humans are energy conductors, which means we put out what we feel and we can also exacerbate what is being felt around us. If you don’t keep a firm grip on your own energies they can be influenced and altered without warning. If someone around you is going through something particularly hard you must prepare yourself for the toll it will take on you.

The toll others energies and emotions take on you is greater when you are connected on a deeper level to the person. This is why you must always be aware of the people you allow yourself to get close to. Toxic relationships, especially with someone you are connected closely to, can harm you in greater ways than you know. There are studies that show the chemical makeup in your body can be altered with constant exposure to negative energies. Conversely, if you surround yourself with people who only want positive things for you it will actively create a shield of positivity around you.

Signs you know you are feeling someone else’s emotions:

  • Sudden change in your emotional state with seemingly no cause.
  • You are not “hangry” or tired.
  • There is no influx in hormones scheduled anytime soon.
  • Most importantly, this feeling is completely out of your character.

How do you test yourself to see if this is what is happening?

  • Leave the room/space/building for 10 mins.
  • Take a breather.
  • If the feeling goes away or decreases dramatically, to the point that you felt like you weren’t yourself before, then it was in fact outside forces.

If you have come to the conclusion that you are feeling outside energies that are not your own, the next step depends on you. You have a few choices.

  • Leave.
  • Get yourself collected at home or in a safe place.
  • Collect yourself for a few minutes, take deep breathes, paying attention to the soft sounds surrounding you.
  • Put a protective bubble around yourself; be clear to the forces-at-be that nothing is allowed to influence your mind or body tonight.
  • Ask a Spirit Guide, God, Goddess, Cthulhu, Flying Spaghetti Monster, or from whomever you receive your strength, and ask them to help you shield yourself.
  • Stand your ground and tell those energies to fuck off.

I would not recommend drinking to excess or getting high in any form during a time like this. It will only make your experiences more intense and leaving you incredibly vulnerable to the forces around you. I’m not going to judge you or preach to you, but I suggest if you are going to do so at least wait until you are in a safe place that is well guarded with positive energies. Just be mindful and cautious.

The life of a sensitive/empath is hard one. It can be incredibly tiresome, but you are just the way you were meant to be. Love yourself, be good to yourself, respect your feelings and boundaries. If you “inconvenience” someone by needing to step away from a situation or remove yourself from a function, do not worry about it. You deserve to be comfortable too and your feelings matter too.

Go with light and love.

How I handle seemingly conflicting information.


Being a Claircognizant Empath/Psychic means I just know things. The really hard part for me is answering the questions that follow. Why? How? When? Where? I try to find as much information as I can, but sometimes it just doesn’t come through.

My number one rule is: Write everything down! Even if the information seems like it doesn’t connect, write it down anyway. Take notes on everything. If you use a voice recorder, describe what you’re seeing and feeling but say it exactly the way you feel it; note that it feels conflicted. Even if it seems to make no sense now, it always makes sense later.

Visions/feelings are not an exact science. You don’t get an HD, mega-pixel, beautifully detailed picture to study for as long as you like. It is a flash of a memory, a scent, a color, a feeling…it just hits and in a moment it’s gone. You have to record as much detail as you can before it slips your mind.

I have been keeping detailed journals for as long as I can remember. I still go through them on occasion just to see if anything connects. I make hindsight notes in order to keep up with any facts or info that may apply now.

After so many years of having this ability, I still may question the messages I receive, just not the validity. I question how it will play out later, but overall I generally just roll with it. I make a note, no matter how outlandish it may seem. I have also come to find that the messages I question the most, almost always end up being the most important and influential in a reading. It seems to always pop back up later on. Someone will say, “Hey! Remember when you told me____? … Well, I’ll be darned, but it just happened!” It may take 6 months, it may take 6 years, but it always comes through.

I have moments where something will trigger a memory. I rush home, rummage through my journals, and sure enough it is right there. I had noted it. It happens so regularly for me that I have an instant understanding. It may sound farfetched and out of the blue, but it will come into play along the line. It always does.

Believe me, if the universe tells me that your child will be born in two places at once, trust me. Fast forward to you parked on the side of the road having an emergency delivery on a state line. Two places at once, you guys!

So, how do I handle conflicting info? I just roll with it. I don’t make this stuff up and I don’t have all the answers. It is what it is.

Sometimes the hardest thing people have with psychic readings is the lack of control it gives. A lot of people come into a reading thinking it will clear things up or give answers to all their questions. Most of the time, it will just pose more questions. Thinking outside of the box is very helpful when taking in the information because it will bend and shift with time. Decisions and choices will change the course of life and you may have altered what will happen just by making a different decision. My theory is that set events in your life will find a way of happening. Decisions you make may postpone it, but those major points in time tend to find a way of making themselves happen. In the same realm of thought, if a situation isn’t meant to be, forcing it into existence will only complicate your life and cause more issues.

Be mindful, if you go to a reading and you don’t hear what you want to hear, please take that to heart. The plans you make for yourself don’t always turn out the way you imagine. That is where faith comes in, have faith that when things do happen they were simply meant to be that way. We just have to find the lesson in it and move on.

Go with light and love.