Centering yourself effectively: When sage and meditation doesn’t quite cut it.


Have you felt like you can’t quite shake this feeling of a raincloud following you around lately? Do you have a hardy string of bad luck that you can’t seem to shake? Maybe you have cleansed your house over and over but you still feel like something is ‘off’. Time to do some serious cleansing!

Here are a few options:

A long shower or bath (or both!). Sea Salts or Epsom Salts in your bath are good for cleansing your body and soul. The very best deep energy cleanser is adding Beer to your shower or bath. I am not joking, not only are the Hops fantastic for your hair and skin, it kicks bad juju hard in the ass. When bathing, take special care of every part of your body, do the grooming that you rarely have time to do. Take your time. Afterwards, take a nap or go lay down in bed with protective stones on your side table or under your mattress. If you aren’t tired, then read a book or listen to relaxing music – this is about calming and centering yourself effectively.

Get a massage and a facial combo. Maybe even throw in a pedicure for good measure. When you go, focus on having no expectations and no requirements. Have faith that you will be taken care of. Only think and say positive things, especially about your body. Make a special mention to yourself consciously about the wonderful qualities you possess.

Garden. Get your hands dirty in the soil. You want to be picking dirt out of your nail beds for days. You don’t have to plant anything, you don’t even really need a designated garden to accomplish this. Is there a section of your yard that needs pruning? Dig that stuff up if you have to. Do you live in an apartment? Go to a local nursery. Every chance you get, be sure to touch the plants (gently) and if you can, run your fingers through the soil.

Manual Labor. Have you been meaning to move boxes into the basement? Does your friend need help moving? Does the dog need a long walk? Have you been meaning to put a fresh coat of paint on a piece of furniture? Whatever it is that needs doing, close your mouth, turn off your phone, turn up the music and focus on the task at hand. Get sweaty! A great way to cleanse and center yourself is by sweating all of those built up toxins out of you. Plus, the energy you put into bettering your surroundings will cleanse it. Not to mention, give you a sense of accomplishment!

Exercise. Similar to the previously mention suggestion. Sweat out all your toxins in a preferred exercise, especially if it means going outdoors into the elements. Dress accordingly! Get that blood flowing through your muscles and shake the cobwebs off your bones.

No Negativity Allowed! I challenge you. For the next 2 weeks, you are not allowed to complain or allow a negative remark to cross your lips. No matter how bad shit gets in your life. Think about every single thing before you say it. Notice something you can’t stand? Instead of voicing it, make a point to find something nice to state out loud instead. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant the remark would have been, no negativity allowed! This is meant to cleanse your ways of thinking and direct your energy in a better way. Trust me, it works.


  • You can combine several of the above suggestions to rid yourself of any lingering negativity.
  • Do not burn things you wish to let go! This is a bad idea and it will make the energy grow instead of dissipate.
  • If none of the above things help you, I would suggest talking to a spiritual counselor for some guidance. You may just be in a rough patch of your life, but the spiritual advisor should be able to hear out your worries and give you an assessment of your situation.

Go with light and love.

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