Shadow People

I mentioned shadow people in a past blog entry and have since been asked some questions about it. I hope to clear some of the questions up here.

Shadow people are black massed spirits that have no soul. Different religions have called them all sorts of names, such as; Phantom, Specter, Demon, Succubus, etc. They are all a gathering of negative energy that accumulates into a figure somewhat similar to a human-like being. They are made from negative energy such as; fear, self-hatred, abuse, loss, denial, weakness, and unmanaged depression. All of these, over a long period of time, can manifest into these dark beings.

Shadow people do not appear out of thin air. It takes years of constant negativity for these to begin to develop. When the energies are not released in a proper way they accumulate with nowhere to go. They are a product of what happens if we don’t take care of ourselves properly.

We, as people, are energy conductors. We raise and collect energy within us, whether you realize it or not. Our energies can influence our surroundings, our life, our body, our relationships, and our soul.

The reassuring thing about shadow people is that they need negativity to survive. If the surrounding environment doesn’t feed that need, they cannot continue to be. Therefore, love, understanding, acceptance, and peace being returned to a space can rid the area of shadow people by taking away its source of energy.

Sometimes, very rarely, there can be a shadow person attached to a location. That would mean that there had to be continuous negative emotions attached to that specific area. Sites that have had horrible events happen repeatedly over generations are most susceptible. The most common places are former battle fields, sites of horrible tragedies, and war zones.

Now, my opinion on them: I hardly see them and that is on purpose. They don’t come near me because I put up a pretty strong “Do Not Fuck with Me” vibe. As it is, shadow people tend to try and avoid people in general. That is why you see them out of the corner of your eyes one moment and the next they are gone. The theory is that they are more scared of you than you are of them. If you don’t want them near you, tell them to get the fuck out. Strength and self-assuredness freaks out negative spirits and send them running for the hills. You always have a choice, simply standing your ground in your space and saying ‘leave me alone’ goes a long way with spirits and energies.

Most of you will be able to sense when a shadow person is close. Majority of the time, when you walk into a house that just doesn’t feel right, it is because of that. The lingering negative energies have started to manifest into a being. If the house is worth it to you, it can be taken back with time and positivity. You must be very strong in your positivity and your ability to keep your hope alive. Otherwise the shadow person could affect you by breaking down your physical health and making you susceptible to depression and mental instability.

Shadow people are in essence like being in an abusive relationship. No matter what you do, it will bring you down, it will make you feel lesser, and it will strip you of your hope. It leaves you as a mess of a person that has no choice but to live a life as a human battery for this nasty energy parasite.

The only way to combat that type of environment is to know your worth. Living a positive life with happiness and self-love is the best way to accomplish that.

Go with light and love.

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