Let’s talk about shielding


Shielding is a wonderful thing that we all naturally do. It is what indicates our personal space around our body, creating our very own comfort zone. The outer most rim of that comfort zone is your shield, the positive energy you hold near and around you fuels this protective bubble, making it stronger.

A very important thing to remember is the bigger the shield does not in fact make it better. If anything, it makes you tired and weak. It also distances you from the people you love and keep close, which will also weaken your energies. Over the weekend I went to a workshop about this exact subject. A sweet woman taught me an extremely useful exercise on how to strengthen shields and draw it closer to the body in order to preserve energy.

Close your eyes and allow your body to relax. Let all your frustrations go, you will worry about them later. Find a happy memory, the kind that brings you utter and complete joy, it should warm your heart and give you a sense of awe. It may even be a little bitter-sweet, but that does not matter, it is your memory. Let it fill your mind and body with warmth. When you have allowed yourself to bathe in the joy that it brings you – bring your bubble into your forethought, allow it close to your physical body and let the joy of that memory soak through you and into your bubble. Stay in that feeling for many minutes or as long as you need. Then once you are ready, open your eyes.

Your shield will be much stronger and resilient to outside influences. You will find yourself less drained and more willing to get physically close to others, allow yourself to feel that comfort. I hope this exercise helps you as much as it did me. You can repeat it as often as you need.

Remember that you will also have trouble blocking outside energies when you are healing. If you had a really busy event that had lots of stressors, keep in mind that you will need time to heal yourself from that. If you also have had some sort of recent physical injury, your body will need time to get back up to full strength. The physical body will focus your energies to the place in need; this will leave the rest of you vulnerable. You must take gentle care of yourself. Lighter workouts, more sleep, vitamins, sea salt or Epsom salt baths, extra comfort for your body (comfy clothing, thick socks, nothing constricting, no footwear that causes stress on your joints), and if you can – request extra care from your significant other.

You MUST give yourself time to process the things you handle in your life. Anything that gives you stress will need time for you to mentally break it down and make sense of it.

Watch out for insecure people when you are in a vulnerable state. There are certain types of people that can sense when you have your guard down. They will take that opportunity to push your buttons and go for your sensitive spots.

Don’t let those people get to you. What I mean by that is, once you realize what is happening, extract yourself from the situation and forgive yourself for not seeing it sooner. And for the love of all things, do not blame yourself for “allowing” it to happen. You are human. Even the strongest people have vulnerabilities, and having those vulnerabilities are important when keeping balanced.

Have you ever gone on a vacation – had a wonderful, relaxing, rejuvenating time – and when you come home you notice that every person seems to be out to yell at you? You are not crazy or paranoid. What you don’t realize is that while you were off relaxing, your natural protection had dropped. You were in a calm and relaxed state of mind for long enough that your body compensated by rerouting the protective energy into healing energy. There are individuals out there that crave that relaxed energy and won’t even know they are actively draining it right out of you. They are trying to balance out their own energies and in doing so, allowing their negativity to seep into you. They don’t mean any harm, but they will accomplish it if you don’t protect yourself. Just remember your energy bubble and the warmth it gives you. Be mindful of your vulnerabilities when you are relaxed.

All in all, I am very sorry to tell you that there is no magic pill or instant fix to keep from absorbing energies around you. BUT I will tell you, there is something vastly better and so much stronger than any pill you could ever find to help combat the shit we encounter. You. Yeah, I said it. You own this shit. You are the master of your own fate; you decide how you feel or how you react to those feelings. You can take responsibility for your own life and do something about it. You don’t have to put up with any abuse or mistreatment. Put your boundaries up and don’t forget to do the most important part – LET IT GO. I say this with love (…and possibly to the hum of the Frozen song). Try not to hang on to negative thoughts for too long. Life has a way of moving on whether we want it to or not, but putting your faith into the knowledge that things have a way of working out all by themselves, should help you realize that you can only do so much. You can only give so much of yourself.

Go with light and love.

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