Let’s see all of the things!


A common misconception about psychics is that we can see everything that will happen in the future. That is not the case and we definitely cannot foresee everything. Could you imagine if you had glasses like the Terminator had? You know – the ones that scanned everyone you came across and told you facts about them. Psychics don’t have that, but seriously, wouldn’t that be nuts?

I have equated my ability to a radio signal a few times before and it is very much that way most of the time. Sometimes the tuning is perfect and sometimes it just will not connect. It fuzzes in and out as you concentrate with all your might on that dial, trying to get the tuning just so. All the while you catch little snippets of conversation through the fuzz, but without context it is hard to make sense of it.

There are many ways I get an increase in signal and here a few of the circumstances:

  • If I am well-rested, low stress, happy, and very little distractions; then my ‘tuner’ is clear as a bell. BUT, it also depends if the spirits actually want to communicate too!
  • If I am sick, highly stressed, overexposed to electronics, tired, and have no down time; then my signal is sporadic and uncontrollable. Which makes the good and bad spirits come through whenever they deem necessary. That can get downright frustrating and scary at times.
  • Thunderstorms and snow increase my signal because it ionizes the air. In that case the electricity can travel easier, this charges the surrounding area, allowing the spirits greater resources to increase their strength. Greater strength means easily breaking down my protective boundaries, allowing them to approach me more freely.
  • The more comfortable my surroundings, the more spirits I see. My protections tend to decrease when I am with people that I trust. Which makes the Vail between myself and the spirit world become thin.
  • Another thing that causes fluctuations in my abilities is hormone balances or imbalances. I will spare you the details, but I am female (obviously) and when my hormones are heightened it makes me extra sensitive to my surroundings. My body is going through a complicated and tiresome process, which leaves me a bit vulnerable to outside influences.

The hard truth about being a psychic is that it is, and always will be, a crap-shoot. There is no rhyme or reason to it. You can’t control it and anyone who says they can is most likely trying to convince themselves. I would love to meet a psychic that could actually get information in detail at will. Please hook me up with someone who claims to be able to, because I would love to pick their brain!

Go with light and love.

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