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Everyone has spirit guides. Even if you are the furthest thing away from intuitive, you have spirit guides. They are essentially your spiritual advocate. They protect you, they look out for you, and they are the little ray of hope that burns deep within you when you feel like all is lost. You know that feeling you get when you have a close call? That moment of, “Oh shit, that could have been really bad. Whoa, that was lucky.” Yeah, that is them. That is your spirit-bro (gender neutral use of bro, of course) looking out for you.

If you are wondering, “Hey, but I have had a really long unlucky streak lately; does that mean I don’t have a spirit guide?” NO. You have (at least) one and they are tired of looking out for your clumsy ass. Maybe you should try being a bit more aware of your surroundings? I mean this with love, of course. But, come on, they cannot prioritize making sure you don’t spill your fifth cup of coffee. At some point you have to learn for yourself. Plus, while you were spilling that fifth cup of Joe, maybe they were preventing you from accidentally stepping in front of a car that ran a red light. You just never know.

For people who feel they do not have intuition or for people who don’t ‘see’ spirits, your guides show themselves to you when your guard is down. Like during sleep, when sick, or when you have traumatic experiences. You will know it is them because they will feel familiar. Their face may not be recognizable but you will feel like you go way back, maybe in another life. That feeling is because they are around you all the time; you just don’t consciously know it.

When it comes to me seeing my own spirit guides, that isn’t a problem at all. They are mine, so they look out for me and help me decipher the crazy spirit stuff I see on a regular basis. It is completely different when it comes to others spirit guides. It can take time for them to trust me; it takes time to form a relationship and a bond. Once that trust is established I can speak freely to them and them to me.

I currently have two spirit guides. One is my grandfather that passed away a couple years ago and he tends to be around for moral support. My second one is named Keith and he is my translator – of sorts – when it comes to the spirit world.

Keith came to me in a bar. (Yes, a bar.) He is tall, bald, bearded, dressed in leather, and is covered from the neck down in tattoos. He had a hard life when he was living, got involved in drugs and violence, but managed to get his life somewhat in order before he passed suddenly in his 40’s. He talks of a teenager he regrets leaving behind and life wasted focusing on anger. I was having lunch with family in a local bar that was frequented by bikers and he approached me out of the blue. When I went home, he followed me there, but stayed a safe distance away as not to scare me. He protected my home for 3 days before I invited him in. He would only stay for a few minutes then he would excuse himself and keep guard right outside the property line of my home. He was incredibly respectful of my space. Then a few weeks later he asked if he could stay with me and be my guide. I agreed.

Up until this point I had only ever had ancestors or family spirits around me. Having a guide was something I had never dealt with before. The beauty of Keith was that he was so conscious of boundaries that I never had to lay them out. When my grandfather passed away, Keith gave me room to grieve and kept his distance so that my grandfather wouldn’t be put off by his appearance. To most, Keith’s appearance isn’t all that welcoming. Once time passed and my grandfather’s spirit adapted to the change of perceived appearances in that realm of existence, he accepted Keith as the Viking-like protector that I love and need. One spirit guide became two.

As a side note; spirit guides are different spiritual beings than Angels. Spirit guides do all the grunt work, while Angels show up when something life-altering and tragic happens. There is a hierarchy amongst them that I can only begin to wrap my head around. It is complicated and at this point, I simply roll with it. I don’t even try to pretend I know how the system works. I stick to my rule that whatever comes to me with no malice, I welcome with open arms.

People also have spirit guides that prefer animal form. These are your totems and spirit animals. Some can communicate with theirs and for some reason it seems easier to talk to spirit animals. The animal form they come to you in is also very important too. There is a lot of meaning behind the symbolism of that particular animal form – if you look it up online it could give you an insight of their role they provide for you. Your spirit guide may just be a family animal that you once cared for in life, or it could be a spirit that chose to take care of you. Their shape or animal form may also change with time. We all have one or two animals that we seem drawn to and that would be the reason. Even if you can’t consciously see their form, you sense them, and therefore unknowingly feel the desire to be close to that form in life.

There are several animals running around my home, which I often confuse with my living cat. This is very confusing when you think you saw your cat lounging on your bed but then enter another room to find it fast asleep on the couch. It gives me a good laugh now and then.

If you have any questions about anything regarding the topics in this post feel free to email me at yugenexistence@gmail.com.

Go with light and love.

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