Animal Spirits


Animal spirits have the most amazing meanings that you will ever find in the spirit world. They are so incredibly pure and unfiltered with their intentions. If you see a vision, a dream, or a spirit of an animal; they have come to deliver a message or to protect you.

There are a lot of misconceptions about certain animals, I highly suggest you research their meanings in things like “Totems” or “Spirit Animal” search pages. A lot of the dream dictionaries will state that certain animals are a negative omen. I do not believe this! I’m sorry (#sorrynotsorry), but snakes do not equate to the devil and ravens are not an omen of death. Call me an optimist, but that is just ridiculous and I choose to see them as positive symbols.

There are animal spirits that will linger around individuals for the sole purpose of protection. They have chosen to stay with you and be part of your spiritual groupies. Which is awesome! Good for you. Still do the research on what their totem meaning is though, regardless of their purpose they still carry a message through their spiritual form.

My totems have changed over the years, but a few of them always seem to find their way back to me no matter where I go.

Frogs always sit at the front door of every house I have ever lived in. As a personal totem, they symbolize being at ease with the world of intuition, feminine energies, and the magic of nature and the elements. Which is right on point.

Cats have always managed to live with me. I never look for them and I have never actually gone out of my way to find one, I just always end up with them. They choose me. It is said that being followed by the cat’s spirit fosters a balance between ones personal need for freedom and time alone with the company of others and social activities. Which is a surprisingly accurate description of my home life. I am not solely an introvert or an extrovert, I need both in a steady and consistent balance, which is very indicative of the feline personality.

A new totem, that actually found me recently, has been the Raven. I am told they are never around the house unless I am there on the property. Whenever I am open to the spirit world or truly unencumbered by the chaos of the world, no matter where I am, Ravens begin to gather or circle in the sky. According to my research, the raven seeks stillness and quiet, and prefers it to the constant onslaught of chatter and noise in daily lives. The people that have them as a totem are wise and are often used as messengers for others. The spirit world uses them as a bridge to the physical world in order to bring forth its messages. Hey, that sounds a bit like a psychic, doesn’t it? Funny how that is.

Another thing I want to address, which is super important to me, is not to discount the animal/insect that you have a phobia of. They find you for a reason! I have people close to me that are utterly inconsolable when it comes to spiders, but have you (persons I am referring to) stopped to actually check out what it means for them to constantly find you? Let me help you out…

“If a spider has woven its way into your life: The Spider is bringing your attention to your creativity. Is it at a peak right now? Are you ignoring your ideas and dreams? Have you taken the time to find the balance between your past and your future? All these are subtle messages that you need to focus on. This arachnid is giving you the message that you weave your own web in life. The reality you see before you was created by yourself. If it does not suit you then it is time to make changes.

Pretty interesting stuff isn’t it?

My phobia is weird as hell and involves a very unlucky instance of almost swallowing a 3 inch (wing to wing) moth while I lived in the desert. To this day, just seeing them makes me have the instinct to gag, my body convulses and I have to force myself to look away. Somehow they always seem to find me and I hate it, but I also see that they are there to tell me something.

Moth totem meaning: “You are the most optimistic of souls! You can find the silver lining in every crisis, the light in any darkness and the love in any frustration. Your ability to seek out the positive in any situation makes you a good listener for your peers, a great peer counselor and advice giver, as well as highly sought after as a friend. You are popular, generous with your attention and understand the subtleties of the way the universe works around you. You have a gift for attracting what you need in life and have very little difficulty moving through life changes and transformations. You find joy in rituals and dance. You also know how to use your intuition and have a great deal of psychic awareness.”

See? That shit is magical you guys. I may hate moths with a passion, but what that says above is a surprisingly perfect description of who I am on the inside, the side that I guard very carefully within me. I very rarely let anyone see that side, well, at least not until they earn it. That may sound conceited, but a person gets taken advantage of enough times in their life, they learn to keep that side under lock and key. Look at that message though! I had to almost swallow a massive moth to finally get that message. Maybe if I wasn’t so dang stubborn sometimes it wouldn’t have taken that drastic of a measure for the universe to make it’s point.

Try to open your eyes to the signs sometimes. Like I have said on many occasions, you may not want to learn the things that the universe has in store for you, but you obviously need to hear it. Give it a shot.

Go with light and love.



I often have dreams about friends in my past, although I believe that dreams have no significant meaning in the literal sense, I still think that our brains are receiving some form of information. The brain does not know how to translate these signals into a language that our conscious mind can understand. It breaks it down into a mixture of symbols, memories, and information collected in the past 24 hours. Once you break the info down and strip away the nonsense, I believe that it can give little clues on occasion.

When people break into your dreams, on some plane of existence you did encounter them and it is a form of astral projection. If you do not know what astral project is, it is an interpretation of an out-of-body experience that assumes the existence of an “astral body” separate from the physical body and capable of travelling outside it.

What I have found is you cannot take the actions of what people do in your dreams in its literal interpretation. You have to focus on what the dream in its entirety made you feel, which means you are the only person to find that precise meaning. Some instances I have found the typically ‘safe’ could feel wrong, and vice versa. Majority of the time, when someone asks me to interpret their dream for them, I ask how the dream made them feel. That is a telltale signal of what your take-away purpose of that experience was.

An example of a pretty typical dream scenario is of your significant other cheating on you. If there is no reason to warrant having these feelings, then it is based on your own fears being projected onto someone you are vulnerable to. In my own personal experience, I have had that dream twice in my life; the first time was because I was ignoring the obvious signs of infidelity from a past significant other. The second time, I knew right away that I had dreamed it because I had been burned before and the happiness in my current relationship was hard for my subconscious to accept. When I woke up from the first experience I felt pure fear, it was the knowing that I was going to have to make some seriously hard decisions. When I awoke from the second, I laughed and shook my head in the sheer absurdity of it. They were both essentially the same dream, but my immediate prior feelings attached to it said to me what it actually symbolized.

I could go on forever about different examples of dreams and their interpretations, but I will tell you – they are all different and subjective. No two are the same, ever.

How to break down the important details in your dreams:

    1. If you could describe your dream in 3 words, what would they be?
    2. What are 3 feelings that stuck out the most about the dream?
    3. Was the dream focused around the location, the people seen, or the feelings?

Now that you have these things written down, go online and find a free online Dream Dictionary, or if it has to do with animals of any kind, I highly suggest going to an Animal Totem page. Go through and define your 3 description words (#1) in the dream dictionary. Attach the 3 feelings (#2) you wrote down to the meaning of those first three words. You can mix it up until it feels right, but I prefer to keep it in the order I put it down, because the most important details tend to come out first. Then take into account what your dream mostly focused on; Location, Person, or Feelings.

  • Location: What did the dreams placement of that specific location mean to you? This is representative of your current emotional health, strength, and capability at the time.
  • People: What did their presence do to you emotionally during the dream? They represent the outside influences in you life.
  • Feelings: How did you feel while going through the dream overall and what was the immediate reaction to the dream upon waking? This represents what you either need to work on or how far you have come emotionally, in regards to how you viewed the entire situation.

How all this information is compiled and interpreted is now completely up to you to determine. Try to notice any patterns that have shown themselves. Have you gone through big changes recently, because that will most likely show through as well. Like I said, your perception of the information experienced is entirely your own. No one could ever live your own experiences for you. The best I could do is walk you through the process of understanding what you experienced.

Another thing to consider is that your subconscious will only acknowledge what it feels your conscious can handle at that time. Keep that in mind, you are seeing something that you need to see. You may not want to see it, but the universe has other plans that involves you learning right now.

My last bit of advice is one of the most obvious, but least used. Write everything down. No matter how absurd it actually is, write it down like you are taking notes on a science project. Note dates, names, locations, weather, outside factors, hormone imbalances, life changes, moon phase, and anything else you may decide to be important to note. After a couple months, check back on the information you wrote down. Keep it as long as you would like, but if you wish to start a new chapter in your life, get rid of them. The point is to be self aware, not to torture yourself.

I hope this information helps you in your pursuit to understand yourself better.

Go with light and love.