The story of Keith is my spirit guide, I consider him to be my first official guide. He has been with me for about 5 years now and has consistently been there whenever I needed help, or when I needed to communicate more clearly with other entities.

I met him in an Irish pub in Springfield, Virginia. I was there getting lunch, which was a regular routine for me at the time. It was one of those places where everyone that ate there had known each other for years and we were watching each others families grow up before our eyes. It wasn’t until about a year of frequenting this location before Keith showed up.

He came to me in the middle of lunch for unknown reasons, telling me about himself and the lessons he learned in his short life. Keith was brought up by no one and had no family, he got himself into all sorts of trouble and problems with hard drugs at a young age. By the time he hit his 21st birthday he had the mental and physical wear of a 75 year old. By the time he hit his 25th birthday, he was living a sober life and had built a mishmash of close friends, which he called his family.

His life was finally back in order and he had so many plans. He had managed to avoid any type of incarceration, so he knew he could get a life built right, just for him. A friend, that was more like his sister, had a son that was heading down a similar path to Kieth’s old lifestyle. Keith felt obligated to take this young man under his wing and teach him how to be a better man. Mentoring became his calling. Keith had been making some positive headway with the young man when he passed away from an unseen medical condition that he never even knew he had.

How he described it was, “something in his brain popped and it all went black.”

This was an incredibly unfortunate way for him to go considering what a tumultuous start to life he had. His previous living in sketchy temporary homes, drug use, and his love for motorcycles, didn’t exactly leave the odds in his favor. He found his real family in unlikely places, like motorcycle groups and seedy bars, but he took pride in finding effulgent souls in inconspicuous dark corners. After his death, Keith was honored at his memorial, his bike was put out on display for years, and the boy he mentored grew up to live a long and good life.

Physically, Keith is well over 6′ 5”, covered in tattoos, bushy facial hair, and adorns his body with leather. The black clothing is covered in different patches that represent honor and family, much like the artwork tattooed upon his skin. You would think that if a man of this size and appearance approached you in the spirit form, it would seem intimidating. But it was not, I knew right away he was something special and he would mean a great deal to me. He communicated with me for the duration of the lunch, then asked if he could accompany me from the pub. Most spirits are not this polite and tend to try and follow you around without your consent. Keith on the other hand was the most polite and kind spirit I had ever encountered, even more than my family and friends who had passed. That tells you something.

He followed me home, but refused to cross the property line, out of respect. He stood at the property line for 3 days and waited for me to get used to him. Once I had gotten used to his energy field, I went out to the property line and sat with him for hours. He then asked if he could be my spirit guide and stay with me permanently. I accepted wholeheartedly.

After that my life sped up drastically. The guidance of Keith influenced my choices and how I looked at my life. I started to make more positive decisions and take responsibility for my own happiness, or lack there of. As my surroundings changed for the better, my abilities as a psychic enhanced substantially. He taught me how to open my heart again, even when I thought I was incapable of doing so anymore. He gave me advice on when to stick things out when my instincts told me to fear them. He taught me not to take everything at face value and see the people around me for more than they are. Character isn’t as definitive as I once thought, it is fluid and ever-changing. Kindness and understanding can change a person, it can bring out a side of themselves that they never knew existed. All of these lessons taught me to love myself, and in turn, learn to finally find true love in someone else as well. My life as a person, my life as a parent, and my life as a psychic has expanded into a cosmic array of beauty as vast as the stars.

Thank you, Keith.

Go with light and love.

Short Stories of the Ghostly Variety

4588ba0d39a926ea93ddff1592ba3041Since I haven’t found a specific topic in which I have felt inspired to write about in a while, I am going to share some everyday occurrences of mine. This is just some of the most resent stuff I have seen in my day to day life.

The stagecoach:

The morning before last I saw a spirit form that was incredibly large and sitting right in my way, covering the path I walk to work everyday. It took me by surprise because I just don’t see things of this magnitude in spirit form very often. As I observed, the form became clear and I immediately knew it was a stagecoach. It was parked in from of a house that was built about two hundred years ago, on a part of the grass that obviously looked like it used to be a gravel road at one time. Placed closely by was a signature stone that was once used for a step when climbing into carriages, obviously old and practically indecipherable from the surrounding landscape.

It was a surprise, and a lovely one at that, to see on my walk to work. It may seem random to you, but this type of randomness is pretty normal to me. I may not have expected the stagecoach form in itself, but haphazardly coming across an apparition like this is almost commonplace.

Pokemon Guy:

For as long as I can remember there has been a man, aged 19-29, that hangs out at an intersection near the entrance of my childhood neighborhood. I grew up in this neighborhood and I can tell you that the spirit has been there for at least 10 years. There is an electrical box at the north corner of the intersection which provides ample amount of electricity for a spirit to thrive on. Every. Single. Day. I see this dude. He wears an outfit in which the colors resemble Ash from Pokemon, so whenever I see him I immediately exclaim, “Dang it, Pokemon guy!” (and I aggressively shake my fist in the air for effect.) Not because he is particularly menacing or even threatening in any way, but mainly because his striking outfit attracts my eye from the road. It drives me nuts.

Star-crossed lover:

On one of the streets I walk through every morning there is a beautiful white house that faces directly across the street to another beautiful white house. The street is a lovely row of colonial houses that date back to the beginning of our nation. A man sits on the front steps of a house and stares across the street to another house. He is of European decent and seems to be sure of himself and charismatic. One day he asked me if  could see him, once I confirmed, he followed me for a little while trying to get my attention. Typical to spirits, as soon as I started asking questions, he backed off and went to sit on his front stoop again. What I got out of him was enough for me to paint a glimmer of his brief life. He once lived in the house he sits in front of, and he was head of heals in love with the girl across the street. There is a woman that lives there now that somewhat resembles the woman he once loved, so he feels drawn there. He passed away in a plane crash during World War II. Now he waits.

The teenager in the parking garage.

I once worked in this building that had a connected parking garage, it was super convenient to use. I worked there for about 6 years and it wasn’t until about the 5th year that I was visited by this teenage boy. He was standing in the middle of the top floor of the garage, plain as day, and I thought I was going to hit an actual person. I was feeling especially energetic that day and thought I would reach out to the young lad. Turns out he was watching over his mother. He would follow her to work every day and wait by her car to take her home afterwards. He told me that he had passed away suddenly about a year before and she wasn’t doing so well because of it. He was worried about her and asked me to keep an eye out for a lady that cries in her car. I never did see her the following year, but I always kept and eye out for a woman crying in her car. The young man and I chatted at least twice a week and made sure he was ok. Over time I started praying for him and his family, I wanted them to find peace and closure. I wanted his mother to find a reliable trustworthy person to guide her through her grief. I really hope that things got better for them.

The Black Stallion:

I spend a lot of time commuting and I see a lot of interesting things on my travels. One day I was driving through a rural neighborhood where the homes sat on at least 5 acres of land. As I passed a house I glanced up and caught the site of a huge black stallion standing on its hind legs on the front lawn of a large house. Animals are completely normal for me to see, but huge black stallions? Nope. I have researched this sighting for months now and I cannot figure out what it means.

The only thing I have found is a reference to Black Horses as your totems on a website called Spirit Animal Totems, which states, “The Black Horse is both death defying and Death seeking. In other words it is symbolic of death and rebirth. It signifies the closing of one door and the opening of a new door. It can also signify the need for you to take a leap of faith and trust what you are being guided to do even if you can’t see the reason or the result. Go blindly forth and believe.” I totally see that this is amazing advice, but I still have no clue about the connection this has in my life. Maybe I am being too critical, but I have the hardest time seeing the symbolism and relating it to me.

That is one thing no one every mentions when they are a psychic, you can’t read yourself. It is a rare thing to see something distinct and undeniably clear, especially when it comes to looking inward from the outside of your life. I can listen to a stranger for an hour and understand what is important and what makes them tick, but for the life of me I cannot do so for myself. It is maddening.

I will just leave you with this lovely statement in regards to this post. Welcome! To the wild and crazy world of psychics and the never ending puzzle that is their life! Every day I try to decipher riddles and ominous symbols in order to help people and spirits in need. Sometimes a girl just wants a spirit to walk up to her and say, “Hey man, uhm, watch out you dropped your keys right there. Thought I would look out for you. See ya.” Wouldn’t that be lovely?

Go with light and love.