The story of Keith is my spirit guide, I consider him to be my first official guide. He has been with me for about 5 years now and has consistently been there whenever I needed help, or when I needed to communicate more clearly with other entities.

I met him in an Irish pub in Springfield, Virginia. I was there getting lunch, which was a regular routine for me at the time. It was one of those places where everyone that ate there had known each other for years and we were watching each others families grow up before our eyes. It wasn’t until about a year of frequenting this location before Keith showed up.

He came to me in the middle of lunch for unknown reasons, telling me about himself and the lessons he learned in his short life. Keith was brought up by no one and had no family, he got himself into all sorts of trouble and problems with hard drugs at a young age. By the time he hit his 21st birthday he had the mental and physical wear of a 75 year old. By the time he hit his 25th birthday, he was living a sober life and had built a mishmash of close friends, which he called his family.

His life was finally back in order and he had so many plans. He had managed to avoid any type of incarceration, so he knew he could get a life built right, just for him. A friend, that was more like his sister, had a son that was heading down a similar path to Kieth’s old lifestyle. Keith felt obligated to take this young man under his wing and teach him how to be a better man. Mentoring became his calling. Keith had been making some positive headway with the young man when he passed away from an unseen medical condition that he never even knew he had.

How he described it was, “something in his brain popped and it all went black.”

This was an incredibly unfortunate way for him to go considering what a tumultuous start to life he had. His previous living in sketchy temporary homes, drug use, and his love for motorcycles, didn’t exactly leave the odds in his favor. He found his real family in unlikely places, like motorcycle groups and seedy bars, but he took pride in finding effulgent souls in inconspicuous dark corners. After his death, Keith was honored at his memorial, his bike was put out on display for years, and the boy he mentored grew up to live a long and good life.

Physically, Keith is well over 6′ 5”, covered in tattoos, bushy facial hair, and adorns his body with leather. The black clothing is covered in different patches that represent honor and family, much like the artwork tattooed upon his skin. You would think that if a man of this size and appearance approached you in the spirit form, it would seem intimidating. But it was not, I knew right away he was something special and he would mean a great deal to me. He communicated with me for the duration of the lunch, then asked if he could accompany me from the pub. Most spirits are not this polite and tend to try and follow you around without your consent. Keith on the other hand was the most polite and kind spirit I had ever encountered, even more than my family and friends who had passed. That tells you something.

He followed me home, but refused to cross the property line, out of respect. He stood at the property line for 3 days and waited for me to get used to him. Once I had gotten used to his energy field, I went out to the property line and sat with him for hours. He then asked if he could be my spirit guide and stay with me permanently. I accepted wholeheartedly.

After that my life sped up drastically. The guidance of Keith influenced my choices and how I looked at my life. I started to make more positive decisions and take responsibility for my own happiness, or lack there of. As my surroundings changed for the better, my abilities as a psychic enhanced substantially. He taught me how to open my heart again, even when I thought I was incapable of doing so anymore. He gave me advice on when to stick things out when my instincts told me to fear them. He taught me not to take everything at face value and see the people around me for more than they are. Character isn’t as definitive as I once thought, it is fluid and ever-changing. Kindness and understanding can change a person, it can bring out a side of themselves that they never knew existed. All of these lessons taught me to love myself, and in turn, learn to finally find true love in someone else as well. My life as a person, my life as a parent, and my life as a psychic has expanded into a cosmic array of beauty as vast as the stars.

Thank you, Keith.

Go with light and love.

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