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It has been a solid month since I last posted a blog and I apologize for that. I will admit that I am having trouble coming up with things that you all would be interested in. Not to mention that it is that time of year as well, where everyone is running around with their plates so full that the weeks fly by. I will also tell you that my current work situation leaves me with a mere hour or two of social media time in the evenings before I pass out on whatever surface I have placed myself at that moment. I am trying my hardest to set aside time for you all, my readers, and I look forward to the time when I can devote more to you all.

Let’s get this party going. Happy Holidays! This entry will be a hodge-podge of things, hold onto something cause this ride is going to be random as hell.

A friend of mine recently asked me a question on my facebook page about when you see friends or family in dreams. She asked whether or not the person you dream of will also dream of you at the same time. To answer that simply, it all depends on the two people involved. It depends on how close the two people are with one another and how connected their bond is spiritually. If they are close, yes, they will visit each other in their dreams and both be conscious of it. But that level of closeness is rare and can only be achieved by a deep spiritual connection from soul to soul. Being best buds doesn’t afford you that type of communication right from the jump. It take years, it takes time, it takes turmoil and forgiveness, it takes understanding and an unspoken bond between the two. These qualities cannot be achieved overnight. Another thing to keep in mind is that both parties have to be mentally and spiritually open to that kind of communication. If one of the two people does not believe in that type of thing, they will not be mentally receptive enough to receive that information.

The Henderson Soldier

There is a soldier in civilian attire that stands next to a tree on Henderson Road, right before the intersection with Rose Hall Drive. The tree has a large gash in the side of it that has regrown its bark over time. He observes the comings and goings of the traffic, he makes a casual wave on occasion to catch the eye of passersby. I get the feeling that he passed about 20 years ago in a car accident in which he was the passenger. He tells me that the driver, his friend, survived the accident. He does not seem to mind the fact that he passed, in fact he seems to have come to terms with it long before that day came. He did not have trouble with his transition from life to death, which leads me to believe that his time in the military had prepared him for it. He does not speak, he does not have regrets, he does not fear, and he does not wallow in his current state. He proudly stands guard for a purpose he has yet to enlighten me of. I only hope to find out more in time.

Half-Masked Woman

In an apartment I used to rent, I was visited in the middle of the night by a woman who refused to show her face. She had dark brunette hair, tanned complexion, in her mid-30’s, and wore a light colored shirt with fitted ‘mom’ jeans. She came to me over a span of several weeks, wanting me to listen, and to understand why she made the decisions she had in life. It was obvious that she had been abused and held onto the guilt of that after all this time. Understandably I am receptive to this type of spirit, and due to my past I was patient and reassuring. I told her repeatedly she had nothing to justify, especially to me, about her actions in life. We all live through things that (at the time) feel like we made the only decision we could. I conveyed the sense of understanding to her, specifically focusing on my lack of judgement towards her. She relaxed and became almost sisterly in her demeanor towards me, sitting on the edge of my bed, expressing her hopes and dreams of the future. After a time her trust expanded enough that she drew back her long brunette hair to reveal her secretly scarred face. It contained a large semi-healed gash crossing diagonally on her cheek, from the outer corner of her left eye to the left corner of her mouth. She explained that she had tried to do better and was punished for it, it never seemed to work out like she planned. One day she came to my bedside in a fit of anxiety, telling me, “It will never happen again.” From what I gathered, she told me that her abuser was locked away now. He had been caught and she could finally rest. At that point I realized she had been haunting her abuser, causing disturbances wherever he went, never allowing him peace, and ensuring that he would be punished in some form as long as she was able. With the new information she was finally able to find peace. She thanked me for the support and the kind ear, she told me goodbye and I never saw her again.

That concludes story time for this week. I hope you all have a wonderful end of 2016.

Go with light and love.

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