Full of Sound and Fury, Signifying Nothing.

tumblr_mcm9c7jxnq1r6w75ro1_500What’s with the Shakespeare, Ashley? Look at you, being all deep and shit.

Y’all know what’s up! The poem is fitting right now, everyone is just so dang loud. There is so much energy bouncing around this place that an Empathic Claircognizant Psychic can’t get a wink of sleep! If you are laughing, good, cause I am laughing. Laughing from the amount of buzz bouncing around; you know, “buzz” – kind of like the white noise on a TV screen. I can’t think straight, you guys.

I can’t write. I can’t plan for shit. None of my gemstones are working. I can’t stay awake during the day, no matter the amount of caffeine I consume. When it is finally time to go to sleep, I can’t close my eyes! Vitamins don’t work, routines are crap, I ate like 3 donuts today, and I just feel frigid even though it is 55 degrees outside! (which is unseasonably warm for the end of January)


When there are big things going on in the world, like right now, it is like a tidal wave hitting full force. I work in Washington, DC too…have I mentioned that?? I am feeling everything and everyone right now, all at once, and no amount of metaphysical protection will do a thing to save me. Now, I don’t mean that my friends and family’s energies are high, I mean that the Nations energies are high, and it is coming from everyone regardless of social or political standing. So, remember when I told you guys to hold onto something because it was going to get nutty? Yup, we’re here, we’re in it! Wheeeeeee!

I bet all y’all Muggles out there are like, “Yeah, but what else is new? You should be pretty used to this by now.” Not like this, you guys. Maybe I am more acutely aware of the fluctuations going on around me, or maybe I am just getting older and more grouchy….I dunno! But the energy is deafening. Like a constant ringing in my ears that is gradually turning into a migraine. I become so aware of all of my senses and they feel like they’re all cranked up to 11.

I hope all this makes sense and doesn’t sound like whiny dribble.

The spirits are all over the place but they have no idea why. The influx of energy makes even the most subtle residual entity show through. They are just standing around…staring at us. Creepy, right?? I spend most of my days with a facial expression of, “Can you not?” I could use some peace right now, like one of those sound deprivation tanks or something. Wouldn’t that be sweet? Just as long as it doesn’t turn into an episode of “Stranger Things.” Right?….That may or may not be a genuine fear of mine… *awkward shifting of feet*

As you can probably tell, this is me shooting the shit with you guys, talking like buddies. I didn’t feel like instructing today or telling stories, especially since the spirits are super incohesive right now. So, email me if you want a reading, I’ll hook you up.

~A. Elise