Indigo is not an excuse. to another wonderful installment of how I embrace my community of weirdo’s while also telling people to not “make it weird”. Confusing, right? Yes, I’m aware. So let’s roll with the confusion and dive right into one more weird subject.

Anyone ever heard of Indigo Children? Look it up, it is super bizarre.

Now that you know that info, guess who has two thumbs and is an Indigo… This chick right here, Me. *applause sarcastically*

A lot of people read up on this stuff and try to pin point who is the indigo in their family. Guys, I hate to break it to you, but being an indigo is not exactly a good thing. Just look at these characteristics…

  • Strong willed
  • Born in 1978 or later
  • Headstrong
  • Creative, with an artistic flair for music, jewelry making, poetry, etc.
  • Prone to addictions
  • An “old soul” as if they’re 13 going on 43
  • Intuitive or psychic, possibly with a history of seeing angels or deceased people
  • An isolationist, either through aggressive acting-out or through fragile introversion
  • Independent and proud, even if they’re constantly asking you for money
  • Possess a deep desire to help the world in a big way
  • Wavers between low self-esteem and grandiosity
  • Bores easily
  • Has probably been diagnosed as having ADD, ADHD, or some form of learning disability
  • Prone to insomnia, restless sleep, nightmares, or difficulty/fear of falling asleep
  • Has a history of depression, or even suicidal thoughts or attempts
  • Looks for real, deep, and lasting friendships
  • Easily bonds with plants or animals

Sure, some of those things sound super nifty, but come on, most of them sound like a complete pain in the ass. Am I saying that I, myself, am a pain in the ass? YES. I am not easy to live with, just ask any member of my close friends or family. All of those things essentially mean that an indigo is sad while being happy, is fiercely independent to a fault, doesn’t let people in, but if they do, you are stuck with us FOREVER. Stubbornness, can’t sleep, but kind -of never stops dreaming, wants to save the world, but also knows how their life will play out… so saving the world is a bit futile. You see the confusion?

Do you all see the pattern yet? It is a double edged sword with everything.

My advice is if you find that your child may be an indigo, don’t allow that to be a crutch for when things get hard, find ways to work with it. Adaptability is very important for survival and to be able to control your secret oddities only makes you more powerful. If social situations are hard, do not get into the habit of blaming it on parts of yourself that are unique. Being different is not an excuse not to try. Being different is not an excuse not to learn. Being different is not an excuse to give up on the unknown. Get out there, make mistakes, laugh at yourself, pull up your courage, and try again.

There are many things that I am “out and proud” with, but being an indigo is not one of them. Have you read about Jada and Will Smith’s kids, Jaden and Willow? Some of the things they talk about sounds simply unworldly, like they were raised on an alien planet. They are indigo’s! (I do not have documentation on this, but simply making a personal observation.) I read the conversations they had about philosophy and quantum theory, and the media just tears them apart, making them sound like they have lost their minds. They aren’t. Their brains just work at a completely different level, making connections that most can’t even fathom.

The scary and embarrassing part is – I am going to put myself out there now – I understood every word they said. There. I said it. They made sense to me and frankly it was refreshing to hear that kind of free thinking. My mind isn’t necessarily blown away by the conversation, but that kind of thinking is what I have to hide from “normal” conversation for fear of being seen as completely insane.

My advice to others; Just keep in mind that just because you may not understand something doesn’t mean it is weird. All I ask of you is to keep an open mind when you encounter someone that looks at the world differently.

My advice to fellow indigo’s; While I want you to feel proud of who you are and to love yourself, remember that not everyone is ready to receive information you are giving. Don’t ignore the signs when you see someone isn’t ready. Be patient. People are moving forward and there is a time and place for letting out your true self.

Being an indigo is a blessing and curse…..and simply weird, but whatever! Who cares, let your freak flag fly. If you’d like to have a conversation about the theory of time, aliens, or the density of atoms in energy versus the physical body – come chat with me. Lets be confusing and weird together.

~A. Elise

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