Adventures, You Guys!

f495649de3cef5984225100bf1227e9fGuess what? I will be at a festival and you all can see me there! April 27th to the 30th, I will be attending a really fun Mountain Mysteries Festival in the woods of Madison, Virginia. A couple of girlfriends and I are launching a small business with our hand made goods, that we are incredibly proud of. I will be there ready to take on anyone that wishes to get readings or just to meet some really fun people around a big bonfire. We eat, dance, sing, and chase our kids around. It is a blast!

This past month has been incredibly hectic, with the business and a bunch of other personal things I have been attending to. I assure you my writing never stops, it just hasn’t made it to this forum yet, and it is still in my spiral notebooks just waiting to be broadcast to the world.

The spirits never stop visiting either of course. So here are a couple of my short stories of encounters with spirits.

The Blue Mailbox

Near to where I work there is a blue mailbox located on the side of the main road in a specific part of the campus. It is essentially the center of where people gather, needless to say, there is always activity in that location. Standing next to the blue mailbox is an older gentleman. He is Caucasian, grey short hair, and is in his mid-50’s. During his time in the physical plane he was a teacher, and even now finds observing others as they are learning and growing, to be a valuable part of his routine. He has not said anything to me yet, but I always greet him when I pass. It is very clear that teaching was a passion for him and still is, because he finds pride in watching training courses. He enjoys it when people do something unique in training and applauds individual thought. He was a greatly influential teacher during his time and if I really searched, I am sure I would find awards posted in his honor. I will find them by chance one day and know right away it is this same person, for now he will be the Man by the Blue Mailbox.

The Yellow House’s Neighbor

There are spirits that haunt a property in the general area in which I live. I drive by it practically every day and I have to make an effort not to look at the property when I do. Something dark has come over the land there and it took me a very long time to narrow down what it was. I still don’t really know, but I have a general idea. There are creatures that inhabit the property of this home, which most likely has caused the inhabitants to come on hard times, either financially or even by serious illnesses. These creatures feed off of the energy of the people living there, causing a terrible vacuum that only makes the surrounding property degrade over time. What is truly fascinating is that they seem to be contained to one plot only. The next door neighbor’s property is untouched and has distinctly positive energy by comparison.

The thing can only be described as looking like a decomposing emaciated human-like figure. It walks on both arms and legs, which are thin and long. It has no hair, grey skin, and their spine seems to jut out in a way that makes it look like it will tear through the skin at any moment. I never got a good look at its face (thankfully), but by silhouette its features seemed vacant and dark, like that of a skull. It is in a perpetual state of seeking sustenance.

I spent weeks trying to research what this creature could be. It turns out that many different cultures have variations of this creature, but majority will call it a Wendigo.

It is essentially a version of an Incubus, which lives off of energy of another being, eventually consuming the being all together. Some people call it cannibalism, but in a spirit form if cannot feed off of flesh. It dwells in forests and unkempt land where negative historical events have tainted the earth.

I must note that these are NOT common. This is literally the very first one I have ever come across. There is no purpose for me to mess with it or get near it. This type of negative earth spirit needs to be ignored and respected. Stay away unless you have no other choice but to confront it. I have no responsibility or right to this persons land or life, quite frankly, it is none of my business. Therefore I will be staying out of it.

I am not knocking psychics that will try to help others, that sounds admirable, but unless I am specifically asked by an individual….K THNX BYE. Hard pass you guys. I admit it, that stuff is scary.

Anyways, those are some of my fun adventures. I hope you have a lovely weekend everyone.

A. Elise


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