Buying a House and the Bonus Spirits that come with it.


The excitement of buying a home can be overwhelming, not to mention the anxiety of finding the perfect place within your desired location and budget. With all of those things going through your mind, who has time to worry about spiritual activity? You may want to take the time to consider it, and here is a guide on how to tell if a property is haunted before you go investing in something as important as a home.


#1. How does the house feel around you?


Sometimes properties can look fantastic on paper, and with all the amazing staging and photography, who can really tell? You have to physically walk through the place, I know that may seem incredibly obvious, but trust me, it is the most important. Does the house feel cold down to your bones? Do you feel like you are being watched? Do you have a sudden change of emotion when entering a certain part of a house or room? All these things should be taken into account. What your instincts are sensing are things that your conscious mind cannot register, like knowing there is a breeze because your skin can feel it, but your eyes cannot. One of your senses has been triggered and it deserves acknowledgement.


When doing a walk-through of the house or property you must go to each room of the house. Open every closet, every random door, step into ever bathroom, look into every corner of every room, and enter every cellar/storage space/creepy basement. Even if it means stepping into the middle of each space and doing a slow turn, 360 degrees around, take your time to listen to your body respond to the space you are in.


#2. Pay attention to past buyer history.


The property may have been ok, but it only takes one buyer with terrible energy and bad circumstances to create a vortex of bad. Foreclosures in particular can be tricky, imagine what the previous owners were going through before losing their home, that can stay behind even after they have vacated. I am not saying that the property can’t be fixed, but I want you to be aware of what exactly you are getting yourself into. If the property is just too perfect to pass up, but the energy just feels weird, then I suggest #3.


#3. Find an expert to do a walk-through.


If you have a friend or a family member that has always had a good sense of things, has some abilities (spiritually or instinctually), or is “out and proud” about being an empath/psychic/medium/spiritualist/shaman/energy healer, ask them to join you on a walk-through of the property with the most potential. If they cannot join you on a walk through, then I suggest texting or emailing them pictures of the home and property, and ask them to give you an honest opinion about what they sense. Some people can even give you a “walk through” over the phone by sensing things through you. These are all ways to confirm what you are feeling or put those anxieties to rest. First and foremost, you must find someone you trust. A lot of times the spiritual advisor you choose may do this house check for you for free, depending on if they have to travel long distances, but most of the time it is something quite easy to do and shouldn’t require you to fork over cash.


#4. Do your historic research.


Doing a general search of the history of the area will be greatly beneficial to you when searching for your new homes location.  If you plan on buying a home in an area that has had some historical strife, it would be a good idea to know what exactly you are getting into. Things like this can be very common in certain areas and if done respectfully, it is very probable to be able to live harmoniously with the spirits of the land without causing disruption. Having a spirit in your home is not necessarily a bad thing, as long as there is mutual respect no one will get in the others way. In areas where paranormal activity is common, you will have a very hard time finding property with no spirits, and in that case you have to come to terms with that.


#5. Don’t panic.


If you feel anything that indicates that there is something present, no need to jump straight to conclusions. There are many degrees of spiritual activity and if the presence is super chill, everyone can learn to live in the same space. Most spirits are not evil, so you may end up with a really cool house-guardian that only increases your safety within the home. Try not to jump straight to a fear-based conclusion, if the house doesn’t feel negative and there are no evil things there, then you will likely have no problems. No matter what the situation, there is a solution! Most local psychics can make house calls to determine what the situation is and help you rectify it. Even after you have purchased the home and moved in, there are still options for all situations. So don’t worry!


Happy House-Hunting!


A. Elise Smith


PS: Yes, I do this stuff too. Get in touch with me. 

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