The things I see in a passing day…



A woman in her late 30’s trying to get some grocery shopping done at the local Harris Teeter. She crouches down to reach something on the bottom shelf and an outline of energy remains standing where she just did. The outline of energy solidifies into a 70 year old woman with white hair pinned to the top of her head. She turns looks me straight in the eyes and starts speaking in rapid Spanish. I don’t understand much more than the basics, but I can feel what she wants me to do. She wants me to tell her daughter that everything will be ok, that things will get better soon, to tell her that she is loved. I stand there, pretending not to see her, pretending not to hear her. I contemplate what would happen if I approached this woman and what I would say to her. I almost talk myself into taking that chance, taking a risk at being called a devil worshiper in the middle of the grocery store, the elderly woman just looks so distraught. But just as it always does, something holds me back, and I turn my shopping cart out the aisle and go looking for the goldfish in aisle 5.


The large man that has no energy outline that stands at my front door. ‘The Watcher’ should be his name, like writing a fiction thriller that would go straight to the top of the bestseller charts. He watches over us with no emotion, he puts off no trace of electromagnetic fields, and he also never takes the energy emitting from the home. I don’t quite know where he comes from or why he is here, but he seems to guard us. Like a nature spirit forged from the trees and earth surrounding out home. He looks like he could resemble a rock covered in moss at the entrance to a path. He has a presence of a stone gargoyle watching over an enormous cathedral. Out of the corner of your eye, you could swear you saw something move, but when you look back, it is just an entrance way. The protector of this home has grown to befriend this entity, the cat’s mighty yowls proclaim the entrance secure to his ‘Watcher’ friend. All is well, all is well.


A. Elise Smith

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