Ready for a tripped-out ride down the universal plane train?



Just remember, you guys asked for this. LOL


If you aren’t already aware, my name is Elise (or Ashley, to the Muggle world) and I am a claircognizant empathic medium. What that means is that I am a total weirdo. For real though, it means I can communicate with spirits, I can feel imprints of emotions, and I know random spooky shit that is super hard to explain. Sounds like a really fine time, right? Suuuuuure….?


The topic for today’s blog is letting the lid of my Pandora’s box open just enough for you all to be completely confused. Doesn’t that sound fun?! Feel free to ask me questions below in the comments, or you could just pretend I never said anything and we will never speak of this again. Tally-Ho!


Every day is a blur of emotions and lights, which have nothing to do with what I feel or whether the electricity is working. How do you explain to people that when you are startled or threatened you don’t register with the typical fight or flight response? Every other moment things fly past my vision and around my body with the speed of light, but I have trained myself to not react. I must fit in with normal beings. I can’t allow myself to be startled every moment, so I have just become stoic.


When I feel things, it isn’t just emotions, it is feelings of generations of my past lives all culminated into one bodily response. Loving someone deeply makes me remember the love I have felt before and how I am so lucky to feel it again. Losing someone I cared for doesn’t signal an end, the happiness of knowing them pulls your through the grief. The knowledge that you will see them again cradles you like a loving embrace.


Time is nothing but a construct created by a linear species. I work very hard to pretend to fit in and do what other people do, but sometimes it is hard to explain why I just don’t care if someone was rude to me 3 years ago. This body of mine loves to hash out emotions that tie me to the hear and now, but once my consciousness overrides the chemicals coursing through my body, I can finally separate myself from my actions. Looking back, I regret so many things, but not what you would think I should regret. I regret the way I could not be more patient with others. I regret that I couldn’t control my anger more often. I regret not being there for people that I should have been. You may think that all these regrets seem typical for any individual, but if I explained specifically each situation you would wonder why that moment even mattered. I believe that the little things are more important in the long run than any one large situation.


My thoughts are constantly jumbled with things that seem insignificant to the average individual. My sensitivity is off the charts and I can feel every fluctuation and alteration around me. I feel when the moon is full. I feel the earth rotating when I still my mind. I can tell when something bad happens in the world because I can feel everyone within a ten-mile radius feels it too. I feel when my neighbors are going through a life-change, because I can feel it in the atmosphere. I can feel when the earth shifts under my feet and I know there will be seismic activity soon. I can feel every loss of life and every beginning of a new life’s journey. I can hear the trees and know when they are communicating to one another.


We are part of the same system, all created from water and stardust. People are literally bags of fluids inside other bags of fluids that are being controlled by invisible pressures and magnetic waves. Our soul is a spark of light that lives temporarily within this fragile bag of fluid. Once our bodily shell has served its purpose, the spark that is our soul moves on to another existence.


I realize how absolutely insane all of this sounds, but bear with me.


If the consciousness is elevated enough, the bodies signals can be interrupted and even stopped. Pain is just a signal sent from one nerve center to another. Buddhists who achieve the highest states of meditation can elevate their minds eye (their soul) above the physical realm. That allows their soul to become simultaneously attached and unattached to their bodily vessel. If done right, they can forgo consuming food or water for longer than the human body should. Raising the consciousness up to that level can alter physical mass to a cellular level.


My abilities are not that refined…yet. I can rise above pain and block the signal from getting to my brain. I can slow my breath and heart-rate to a ridiculously low function. The negative aspect to this is the inability to function in high heat, due to a side effect that comes with being able to control your higher plain of existence which is low blood pressure. Low blood pressure and heat do not mix, it causes fainting, blurred vision, nausea, fatigue, and severe dehydration within minutes. I tend to go into a survival-mode and get extremely tired, so I will lock myself away in order to get my head back in a positive frame of mind.


Meditation is one of the only ways to get your mind to focus into the astral plane. If you still yourself, mentally and physically, you can actually begin to tap into the universe’s source of knowledge. It is legit. This is the real deal and can only be attained by meditation in some form, every single day. My meditation is reading to my my son every night before bed. Since I was a child, I had a hard time reading because of the amount of concentration it required, which would cause severe fatigue in a very short time. For a while I didn’t see the benefit of that much exertion. But as I grew into adolescence I realized the ritual became an integral part of my daily centered-ness. The focus alone trained my mind to release and succumb to the void that is the universe. Everyone has that mindless thing they do every single day in order to feel normal, that is what this is, that is your meditation.


That is enough of this for now. You all should get a general idea of what I am getting at, but if you don’t, just keep trying. It will come to you. You are not lost, your mind is not broken, you just need to find your own path to the universal consciousness. No one can ever take you there, you have to make it your own, and trust me – it is worth it.


Get in touch with me if you want to chat some more, my number and email are listed at the top of my website. Don’t be shy.


A. Elise Smith










The things I see in a passing day…



A woman in her late 30’s trying to get some grocery shopping done at the local Harris Teeter. She crouches down to reach something on the bottom shelf and an outline of energy remains standing where she just did. The outline of energy solidifies into a 70 year old woman with white hair pinned to the top of her head. She turns looks me straight in the eyes and starts speaking in rapid Spanish. I don’t understand much more than the basics, but I can feel what she wants me to do. She wants me to tell her daughter that everything will be ok, that things will get better soon, to tell her that she is loved. I stand there, pretending not to see her, pretending not to hear her. I contemplate what would happen if I approached this woman and what I would say to her. I almost talk myself into taking that chance, taking a risk at being called a devil worshiper in the middle of the grocery store, the elderly woman just looks so distraught. But just as it always does, something holds me back, and I turn my shopping cart out the aisle and go looking for the goldfish in aisle 5.


The large man that has no energy outline that stands at my front door. ‘The Watcher’ should be his name, like writing a fiction thriller that would go straight to the top of the bestseller charts. He watches over us with no emotion, he puts off no trace of electromagnetic fields, and he also never takes the energy emitting from the home. I don’t quite know where he comes from or why he is here, but he seems to guard us. Like a nature spirit forged from the trees and earth surrounding out home. He looks like he could resemble a rock covered in moss at the entrance to a path. He has a presence of a stone gargoyle watching over an enormous cathedral. Out of the corner of your eye, you could swear you saw something move, but when you look back, it is just an entrance way. The protector of this home has grown to befriend this entity, the cat’s mighty yowls proclaim the entrance secure to his ‘Watcher’ friend. All is well, all is well.


A. Elise Smith

Three Months In: What’s it like having a miscarriage when you’re a psychic?



It happened, the thing that all parents dread. At almost 12 weeks along, I miscarried what was going to be my second child. I know how this sounds to you all, it sounds horrible and depressing, but I will tell you right now that I will not be incapacitated by this loss. Don’t get me wrong, I am heartbroken, but I felt the emotions and I made my peace with them.


I don’t deny that it was hard to go through, and I will support anyone who has to go through this with compassion and understanding. Everyone is allowed to feel the emotions in whatever way they feel is cathartic to them, but I chose to see beyond the sadness and see the light of possibilities shining through. This event did not mean it was the end for our family. If anything, it brought the subject out into the open, causing us to seriously consider expanding our family further.


As I mentioned in my previous post, I had felt some inklings that this pregnancy had some hiccups. I could not feel my child’s soul, I could not hear her spirit speaking to me, and my grandpa’s spirit was being evasive when questioned. My grandfather just kept telling me, “Don’t worry, you will be fine.” That is generally a very normal thing to tell someone when giving support. Now, if anyone knows the subtle art of evading a question, you would know right away that the answer purposefully did not mention the baby. The more specific my questions became, the more general the response was. I knew that did not bode well.


Finally, two days before I went to the ER, I put my foot down and told my Grandfather that I needed real answers. He then said that I would find out about the miscarriage in two days, I would get through it fine, and I would be pregnant again in 6 months. Sure enough, two days later I was in the ER getting the test results back that my body was not producing the proper levels of hormone to sustain the pregnancy. The diagnosis was an “inevitable miscarriage”. Three days after that my body followed suit.


As I painfully went through the natural process that so many mothers know so well, my baby’s spirit came back to me. She said, “Don’t worry Momma, that isn’t me, I’m still here. You didn’t lose me, that one just didn’t work.” She stayed with me through the following 24 hours, repeating that she wasn’t going anywhere and everything would be ok. She was going to be my baby no matter what.


My baby had tried her darnedest to make that physical vessel (the fetus) work, but when things aren’t meant to be, there is no stopping the natural process from taking its course. The only thing I wish for is for my baby and I to be healthy throughout and after the pregnancy. So if things did not work out this time around, it was for a good reason. The powers at be know what they are doing and I have faith in that.


The most precious thing that came out of this experience was seeing first hand the amount of unwavering support I have around me. This just opened a beautiful possibility into a wonderful reality, which we plan to embrace and build upon. Our baby is out there, waiting to be born, and I will bide my time until I finally hold her in my arms.


Onward to our next adventure.


A. Elise Smith

Two Months In: What’s it like being a pregnant psychic?

The first time I was pregnant, I made a point to ignore the changes I felt going on in my body. I was young and scared and the only way I could defend against those feelings was to compartmentalize my feelings. I focused on eating right, staying active, and working as much as I could. I refused to acknowledge my psychic abilities and any energy going on around me. It was self preservation because if I was being truly honest with myself, I would have seen what a terrible situation I was living in at the time.
The best thing to ever happen to me was having my son. He was the first person that ever showed me unconditional love. This little being needed me, depended on me, and trusted me to make the right choices. That kind of power over a human made me step up to the plate and make sure I would never screw it up. The responsibility weighed heavily, and that first moment I held my baby in my arms, I promised him that I would do anything I could to make his life better.
It took years and very hard work, but I finally found a place of love and support. I came to like myself and embrace the gifts I had. Honing in on my psychic awareness and learning how to develop it. Now that I am pregnant with my second child and I am at a point in my life that is far more stable, and as a result I am experiencing everything in a vastly different way.
To start, being pregnant has made my abilities expand and strengthen. Due to this change, I am in need of solace more often and in larger quantities. Recovery time from speaking to spirits is kicking my ass. It may be easier to communicate with spirits, but dang, my body gets a swift kick in the pants from it.
One day I was feeling particularly rough, I had begun to have some bleeding and it scared me quite a bit. It seems to be fine, but I had to go through a bunch more tests and ultrasounds than originally planned. My husband has been amazing when it comes to the support he continually gives, but when it comes to the spiritual side, I call upon my grandpa to support me. For all that do not know, my grandfather passed a few years back and has been an ongoing source of support for me through his spirit form. I asked him to tell me if things will be ok. My grandfather assured me that I would be ok. It seems like such a simple thing to need, but coming from a spirit, it creates a feeling of ease that is hard to compare.
Then I broached the more important issue with my spiritual support; why I couldn’t feel the energy in my womb, why I couldn’t hear the baby’s spiritual voice, and why was my baby’s spirit not visiting me anymore. I had just assumed that she would be closer to me now that I was harboring her physical body, but apparently that is not the case. I soon learned that during pregnancy the fetus is in a state of energy fluctuation and it takes some time for the soul to become fully attached to it’s possible physical host. The soul and the physical body do not become one until sometime in the last trimester. During this time of in-between, the soul of the baby waits for it’s time to jump on in. While this is happening, the spirit of the baby is not quite ‘here’ and not quite ‘there’. Hence the reason why I cant seem to hear her.
The only thing that I can hear is the energy “hum” that comes from all things alive around us. I hear my tiny growing baby’s energy-hum, like it is a tingle in the back of your mind, or goosebumps running up your neck. It’s there. The only comparison I can explain is when you get near a electricity conductor. You may not see the electricity, but you can hear the pulsing hum that radiates from it. That is how I hear energy.
She’s there and I have to trust that, which is one of the harder things to do in life, trusting yourself. All in all, things will take time to figure out, but now that my body is getting the hang of being pregnant again, it is more of an enhancement than an impact.
So, there you go, that is the life of a pregnant Psychic so far. Sensory overload, extra tired, lots of orbs, spirits everywhere, and sensing a fetus by using an ability that I am used to ignoring. Onward to the next interesting stage of this crazy life! I will keep you posted.
A. Elise Smith

Psychics and the Media


People with abilities generally avoid watching the news. They may scan the highlights online or in a newspaper, but in general they will avoid it at all cost.

Here is a list of reasons why.
– Too much negativity and fear, all on easily accessible devices.
– Aggressive language, commentary, and confrontational discussions. This is just how the news is created and aired, they want dramatic effect and this is the best way to attain it.
– Constant flow of imagery that is scary or overwhelming. When reading the news, you have a general idea of what you are getting yourself into, but on the TV, there is no control of what you will see. It happens, and before you can register what you witnessed, it is over and the next subject is flashing before your eyes.
– Too many people/places/situations that need positive energy and healing, causing us to expel too much in order to better others. We may not even realize that we do it, but we instinctually want to help by sending positive energy to those in need. Those that believe energy waves are tangible objects, truly believe they are doing good for others by doing this. But sometimes with so many cases of people in need, the energy is given too freely and without consideration of what it could do to the person giving it.
– We feel it too, as we see it. Like putting ourselves in others shoes, the news being mostly negative situations can cause us to essentially be tortured through visual association.
– Some of us, with abilities so powerful, we can connect with the dead just by seeing a picture of them. Which could cause spirits to come to us and have trouble leaving, which can be dangerous to the person with abilities. Without knowing the full story behind the spirit, they could unknowingly invite a spirit that intends harm into the persons safe space.
– The anxiety that comes from the inability to help in any way. This is of course true for most people who have empathy in general, many of you will understand this.
– Much of the subjects discussed are told in a way to reach out and grab people’s attention, people with abilities are already sensitive to everyday subtleties of communication and body language. It is essentially like being forced to watch all your nightmares in rapid succession with maximum intensity.
– For some a physical reaction can happen almost immediately, such as uncontrollable crying, nausea, vomiting, past psychology trauma triggers, and sometimes a complete shut down of all emotions.

My personal experience with the media is incredibly censored, I do not watch the news on TV if I can avoid it. Most of the time I will simply leave the room, but in cases where that is not an option I have to find other means. I make sure I have noise cancelling earphones with me at all times. I either put on calming music or background noise, but in cases where that is not an option, I will put in the headphones anyway to dull the noise. In most work environments these days there is some form of news on constantly, the trick is to turn the volume down or mute it completely, if you have the ability to.
An important thing I would like to note is that I do not try to force others to avoid watching the news. Just because I have an aversion to television-specific news does not mean I have the right to condemn others for watching it. For some, keeping abreast of the information throughout the world is a comfort. I would like my readers to take that into consideration. One person’s safe place could be another person’s version of hell (and vice versa).

One of the most common attributes of most psychic individuals is the sensitivity to things around them, otherwise known as being Empathic. Most people have experienced this in certain instances in their life, like when a loved one is hurt, you can genuinely feel their pain in those moments. Keep in mind that most people who have psychic abilities (or variations of it) can experience those moments continuously. Just take that in. Needless to say, the last thing a person like that wants to do is experience a constant flood of negativity by watching the news.

To be blunt, it sucks. For me, it is like being in physical pain. I hate it, and I have a hard time not snapping at people watching the news with the volume on blast. Twitter has become my new best friend when it comes to keeping up with the news of the world. I get alerts for when things happen locally that concern me, but other than that I generally just keep an eye on what is being talked about or what pops up on the headlines. Anything more than that and I am overwhelmed, and when that occurs it can lay me out for days.

I hope you all had a good holiday.

A. Elise