Psychics and the Media


People with abilities generally avoid watching the news. They may scan the highlights online or in a newspaper, but in general they will avoid it at all cost.

Here is a list of reasons why.
– Too much negativity and fear, all on easily accessible devices.
– Aggressive language, commentary, and confrontational discussions. This is just how the news is created and aired, they want dramatic effect and this is the best way to attain it.
– Constant flow of imagery that is scary or overwhelming. When reading the news, you have a general idea of what you are getting yourself into, but on the TV, there is no control of what you will see. It happens, and before you can register what you witnessed, it is over and the next subject is flashing before your eyes.
– Too many people/places/situations that need positive energy and healing, causing us to expel too much in order to better others. We may not even realize that we do it, but we instinctually want to help by sending positive energy to those in need. Those that believe energy waves are tangible objects, truly believe they are doing good for others by doing this. But sometimes with so many cases of people in need, the energy is given too freely and without consideration of what it could do to the person giving it.
– We feel it too, as we see it. Like putting ourselves in others shoes, the news being mostly negative situations can cause us to essentially be tortured through visual association.
– Some of us, with abilities so powerful, we can connect with the dead just by seeing a picture of them. Which could cause spirits to come to us and have trouble leaving, which can be dangerous to the person with abilities. Without knowing the full story behind the spirit, they could unknowingly invite a spirit that intends harm into the persons safe space.
– The anxiety that comes from the inability to help in any way. This is of course true for most people who have empathy in general, many of you will understand this.
– Much of the subjects discussed are told in a way to reach out and grab people’s attention, people with abilities are already sensitive to everyday subtleties of communication and body language. It is essentially like being forced to watch all your nightmares in rapid succession with maximum intensity.
– For some a physical reaction can happen almost immediately, such as uncontrollable crying, nausea, vomiting, past psychology trauma triggers, and sometimes a complete shut down of all emotions.

My personal experience with the media is incredibly censored, I do not watch the news on TV if I can avoid it. Most of the time I will simply leave the room, but in cases where that is not an option I have to find other means. I make sure I have noise cancelling earphones with me at all times. I either put on calming music or background noise, but in cases where that is not an option, I will put in the headphones anyway to dull the noise. In most work environments these days there is some form of news on constantly, the trick is to turn the volume down or mute it completely, if you have the ability to.
An important thing I would like to note is that I do not try to force others to avoid watching the news. Just because I have an aversion to television-specific news does not mean I have the right to condemn others for watching it. For some, keeping abreast of the information throughout the world is a comfort. I would like my readers to take that into consideration. One person’s safe place could be another person’s version of hell (and vice versa).

One of the most common attributes of most psychic individuals is the sensitivity to things around them, otherwise known as being Empathic. Most people have experienced this in certain instances in their life, like when a loved one is hurt, you can genuinely feel their pain in those moments. Keep in mind that most people who have psychic abilities (or variations of it) can experience those moments continuously. Just take that in. Needless to say, the last thing a person like that wants to do is experience a constant flood of negativity by watching the news.

To be blunt, it sucks. For me, it is like being in physical pain. I hate it, and I have a hard time not snapping at people watching the news with the volume on blast. Twitter has become my new best friend when it comes to keeping up with the news of the world. I get alerts for when things happen locally that concern me, but other than that I generally just keep an eye on what is being talked about or what pops up on the headlines. Anything more than that and I am overwhelmed, and when that occurs it can lay me out for days.

I hope you all had a good holiday.

A. Elise