Objects with stories to tell.

3710259560_2206f8a25cToday’s lesson, boys and girls, is Psychometry! No, this is not Geometry’s evil twin. It is the ability to read an objects energy imprints. It’s like attaching a video camera to a piece of furniture as it goes from one house to another, being utilized and discarded, and only an individual with the special code can unlock the access to the video feed. Psychometry is the code to unlock that video feed, but you can’t just acquire it, you have to be born with a certain ability to visually interpret it.

Anyone can put their energy into an object, just by simply existing around it. Human beings have the ability to feel emotions so intensely that it can influence everything surrounding it. Science has proven that we are all made of electrical energy which we pulsate outwards around us at all times. This ripple effect leaves traces on objects as well as influences other living organisms. Have you ever noticed that when you are having a good day, others around you seem to ‘vibe’ off of it? That is what I am talking about, but imagine for a moment that you can also do that with objects.

Wait! It gets even better! Then imagine someone comes along, picks up that object you left behind, and can feel all the wonderful (or terrible) feelings you’ve felt around that very same object. They may be able to feel what you were going through at that moment in your life as well, like life events. Some can even pinpoint the time period you were living in when you touched the object. Isn’t that amazing?

This is the general idea behind making talismans. You take an object and attach emotion, energy, and intentions to it in order to create an imprint on the object. This is most commonly done for the purpose of protection or good luck for the individual that possesses it. How this coincides with Psychometry is that the intention can be read by individuals that have that ability.

My personal experiences with this is relatively limited. I can do it, sure, but it isn’t necessarily my strongest ability. My personal strength is putting the energy into objects, rather than reading what is already imprinted on it. I have the uncanny ability to project intentions outward, leaving my surroundings relatively easy to read if a person is inclined to pay attention.

If you ever wonder if you have this ability, try going to an antique store, you will know right away what objects have a long history. You may even be able to tell what era some objects came from without any knowledge of historical reference.

Since most of what I do is emotion-based reading, I can touch an object and read the person with the strongest emotions that encountered that object. I can tell if the person was full of love and hope, or if they lived a long life of strife and pain. The feelings don’t come all in one though, most of the time it starts with a simple like or dislike of the object. It takes time to breakdown what you are actually feeling from the object. Just like all psychic abilities – the more you use it, the better you get at it.

I have referred to furniture a lot in this post, but the most common objects read is actually jewelry. Mainly because they are worn and kept close by the owner. That much prolonged exposure to someones energy will leave definite imprints. Family heirlooms are great for that purpose.

If you need more information about this subject, email me with any questions or concerns. If you would like me to read an object you can contact me at my email address as well. yugenexistence@gmail.com

Go with light and love.



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