Thinning Veils and Sugar Overloads

tumblr_nxv0e9bfhw1u9ooogo1_500Happy Halloween Everyone! This holiday is a cross quarter day, situated between Autumn Equinox and Winter Solstice. It is known for being the time of the year where the veil between the living and dead is the thinnest. In layman’s terms, it means the living can see spirits all over the dang place. Sounds super fun right?

Like I usually do in these lovely blog entries, I will be putting it from my perspective in order to illuminate a different view. As a lifelong psychic, I will tell you that this thinning veil shit is annoying. Well, that was blunt, right? You bet your sweet behind it was, because I do not get a moments rest while every spirit in the vicinity is knocking on my metaphysical door. I mean, if I had the option to lay low and stay home in the controlled silence and protection of my spiritual safe-haven, it would be perfectly manageable. But I do not have that luxury. I am a mother, I am a professional government employee, I am a partner to a loving fiancé, and I have no down time to simply lay low. I have no choice but to function at my normal level, so that veil can get an insulting gesture in its general direction from me.

Alright, that’s enough grumbling.

Getting more spiritual interaction does not necessarily mean that messages become clearer. It just means that the garbled feelings, symbolism, and partial conversations become more frequent. If anything it gets increasingly confusing due to the influx of information being thrown at me. I can fill up about two or three thick spiral notebooks in the months of October and November alone. While my usual rate during the rest of the year can fill maybe one notebook, at the most. There is so much information to record that I get irritable and tired easily. My brain functions at a level that I can only describe as something similar to ADHD. Most likely you, or someone you know, is ADHD and can describe what that feels like. It is very hard to manage in your daily environment without management tools to keep things on track. Spiral notebooks are my way of managing.

There are spirits in places that I normal do not experience them. On every sidewalk, on every street, in my cubicle at work, staring at me from the hallways outside my bedroom, standing outside the property line of our home, etc. My dreams become very descriptive and similar to stepping into different movie plots. What happens is a spirit will share their life experiences with me in order to communicate. I don’t usually get dreams this descriptive, but like I said, the veil is thin and allows more information to come through. Just in the last week alone, I have experienced a different person’s life each night.

One dream I experienced hit me harder than usual. I was experiencing the life a mother of a 2 year old boy, and while sleeping he was taken from his bed in our home. It was placed in the late 70’s. As the dream went on I experienced the full range of emotions this mother had as though they were my own. Her frantic need to find him, her obsessive searching, her relentlessness, and her longing to be close to him again. She would dream of his beautiful face every night and would wake every morning sobbing. She tried pushing her husband away, but he refused to let her, and they grew stronger as a couple. They eventually found ways to be happy again, but never lost hope of finding their sweet boy. One day after they had done their best to keep living their life, he came home to them as a teenager. She knew his face after all that time, as only a mother would, but found he was vacant and withdrawn. With patience and support, the parents were able to help him mentally come back and live a normal life. The mothers elation and devotion to her families well-being was the last feeling I felt when I awoke. That feeling stayed with me for days after that night.

That was just a sample of the lives I feel and experience in my day to day life. I will be recording more experiences as the days go by so that I can give you all more stories in my next blog post. Stay tuned…


Now, here are some things I would like to remind you of during this Halloween season:

  • Bring your pets inside on the nights leading up to Halloween, people are notoriously cruel to animals during this time.
  • Watch for cars if you are walking, and drive slowly if you are driving.
  • Stay away from Ouija boards, they are never a good idea.
  • Do not openly mock or instigate spirits into showing themselves, be polite and don’t be a dick.
  • Carved Pumpkins and decorations on your door step are protective talismans for your home, negativity cannot cross your threshold with those present.
  • Be mindful that children are short and can be concealed between vehicles, keep that in mind when driving through neighborhoods.
  • If you find yourself nervous of negative energy around you during this time, keep (or wear) a Black Tourmaline on your person, that will protect you from bad spirits.
  • If you wish to be more connected to your spirits, keep (or wear) Labradorite on yourself to enhance communication and clearer messages.
  • If you don’t know what you want from spirits, but want to keep your options open, keep (or wear) a Amethyst on you, mainly because it does a little of everything.
  • Have all three stones on you and be master of the spiritual universe! Just kidding. But you will be very protected, with a possibility of spiritual interaction from a loved one.

Need anything, give me an email! I would be happy to help with anything, my rates are negotiable.

Go with light and love.

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