The Beach


Tis the season for vacations! Everyone is running like hell (and understandably so) to get sand, sun, and relaxation at the closest beach they can find. But have you all ever wondered why the overall favorite location for relaxation is the beach? Do you ever wonder that on a spiritual or energy based level there is something else going on? This observation of human behavior will be our topic of discussion in this article.


In most religious faiths salt water is a staple, you can find it in basins, pools, spray bottles, water features, and in hand held containers with symbols etched or draw on the outside to further its protective and cleansing properties. It is something that people of all religious backgrounds can agree on, salt water is essential.


The ocean, being the largest cleanser and purifier on the planet, wipes all energy away from everything it touches. Which then leaves everything open to be infused with whatever energies and impressions you choose to.


As a psychic, one thing has always stood out for me when I visit the beach, it is so quiet. And I am not talking about the kids playing, or the adults letting their hair down with a favorite beverage, or the music bumping from speakers… I am talking about spiritual activity and the ever-present hum of astral noise. There could literally be a house party going on next door to me and I would be on the porch swing with a smile on my face, telling my spouse how wonderfully quiet it is. It is hard to explain to people who do not hear it, but every moment of every day, there is noise and we can never get away from it. We get used to hearing it but no matter what, it is there, buzzing and humming in our mind like a speaker has been implanted into our brain. I can literally feel the humming fade as I drive closer to the beach.


The beach my family has frequented since I was a baby is located on an island/peninsula (depending on the water level) that is connected to the main land by a bridge. Crossing that bridge is like flipping a switch and I become a “normal” human being. For several days, I am no longer a psychic, I am just me. It is both lovely and terrifying at the same time.


A lot of the beach houses located on or close to the waterfront tend not to be haunted. Now, of course this is a generality and there are always exceptions, but those are quite rare. For the most part, the house itself is not the one that is connected to spirits, most of the time the people residing within the home are the one harboring the spirits.


I have a family member that notoriously has “bad luck” in the way that they always encounter hurricanes whenever they go to a beach. It does not matter what time of year, how well they try to preplan, or even what beach location they choose on the east coast. There is something about this person that seems to attract these intense storms from the ocean water. At first we all thought it was merely that, simply bad luck, but after so many years of occurrences that are virtually unexplainable, I have come to another theory. I believe that this person carries a force with which nature cannot ignore, there is a certain need to cleanse the space wherever they go. Now, I know what you might be thinking, that sounds very ominous. What’s amazing is that it always happens before or the beginning of their travel, which indicates something far less sinister at play here. It indicates that the need for peace is so strong with this person that nature is literally cleansing the area in preparation for them. Now this may not be within their control at all, maybe they have a sixth sense as to when the cleansing will happen and subconsciously choose times and places accordingly. Regardless of whomever is doing the controlling here, the fact still remains that it is a steady reoccurrence.


For a bit of background, this person I am referring to tends to shoulder more than they should. They work incredibly hard for little to no payoff, and they tend to stock pile the need to relax in order ‘cash in’ at a later date. Then once or twice a year they get to let all of the stress out in order to be cleansed of their burdens for a time. To essentially drain the negative out from within themselves in order to create room to store up the future ever-present supply around them. And where is their location of choice to release all of these compounded energies, you ask? The biggest cleanser on the planet, the ocean. Then like clockwork, every single time, the ocean sprays massive amounts of salt water all over the area in which this person is about to arrive to release all of that pent up burden they carry.


Now, it is of course just a theory, and the possibility that this person could just have really bad luck is not exactly ruled out. But doesn’t the theory somehow make sense?


I do realize that lots of people do precisely that same thing when they go to the ocean on their annual vacations, but let me ask you this…. Do you all get in the ocean at least once while you are there? By my guess, most of you will say, “Well, of course, that’s the whole point.” I know that I do every time, at least once, no matter what the weather. The person I am referring to with the “bad luck”, never goes into the water. You may think I am joking, but I am completely serious, this person will NOT go into the ocean. I have no idea what the root cause of that is, whether preference or a past trauma, regardless it is a large factor behind this.


Whether people are aware of it or not, there is a reason why we all go to the ocean to feel better. On a biological level, salt water does amazing things for your body when used as rinses to ward off infections. So think of it as your soul warding away the negativity we feel around us in order to rejuvenate for the next round.


Next time you are at the beach, take a moment and think about that when you enter the water. Imagine yourself letting all the negativity around you simply dissipate into the water. Imagine all the stresses you harbor not being able to biologically survive in that salt water. Let the water disinfect you of all the burdens you feel. Then when you step back out, feel how light your soul is, feel the relief of your body being cleansed, and allow your mind to focus on positivity being infused within you.


Have a great vacation everyone.


A. Elise

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