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If you aren’t already aware, my name is Elise (or Ashley, to the Muggle world) and I am a claircognizant empathic medium. What that means is that I am a total weirdo. For real though, it means I can communicate with spirits, I can feel imprints of emotions, and I know random spooky shit that is super hard to explain. Sounds like a really fine time, right? Suuuuuure….?


The topic for today’s blog is letting the lid of my Pandora’s box open just enough for you all to be completely confused. Doesn’t that sound fun?! Feel free to ask me questions below in the comments, or you could just pretend I never said anything and we will never speak of this again. Tally-Ho!


Every day is a blur of emotions and lights, which have nothing to do with what I feel or whether the electricity is working. How do you explain to people that when you are startled or threatened you don’t register with the typical fight or flight response? Every other moment things fly past my vision and around my body with the speed of light, but I have trained myself to not react. I must fit in with normal beings. I can’t allow myself to be startled every moment, so I have just become stoic.


When I feel things, it isn’t just emotions, it is feelings of generations of my past lives all culminated into one bodily response. Loving someone deeply makes me remember the love I have felt before and how I am so lucky to feel it again. Losing someone I cared for doesn’t signal an end, the happiness of knowing them pulls your through the grief. The knowledge that you will see them again cradles you like a loving embrace.


Time is nothing but a construct created by a linear species. I work very hard to pretend to fit in and do what other people do, but sometimes it is hard to explain why I just don’t care if someone was rude to me 3 years ago. This body of mine loves to hash out emotions that tie me to the hear and now, but once my consciousness overrides the chemicals coursing through my body, I can finally separate myself from my actions. Looking back, I regret so many things, but not what you would think I should regret. I regret the way I could not be more patient with others. I regret that I couldn’t control my anger more often. I regret not being there for people that I should have been. You may think that all these regrets seem typical for any individual, but if I explained specifically each situation you would wonder why that moment even mattered. I believe that the little things are more important in the long run than any one large situation.


My thoughts are constantly jumbled with things that seem insignificant to the average individual. My sensitivity is off the charts and I can feel every fluctuation and alteration around me. I feel when the moon is full. I feel the earth rotating when I still my mind. I can tell when something bad happens in the world because I can feel everyone within a ten-mile radius feels it too. I feel when my neighbors are going through a life-change, because I can feel it in the atmosphere. I can feel when the earth shifts under my feet and I know there will be seismic activity soon. I can feel every loss of life and every beginning of a new life’s journey. I can hear the trees and know when they are communicating to one another.


We are part of the same system, all created from water and stardust. People are literally bags of fluids inside other bags of fluids that are being controlled by invisible pressures and magnetic waves. Our soul is a spark of light that lives temporarily within this fragile bag of fluid. Once our bodily shell has served its purpose, the spark that is our soul moves on to another existence.


I realize how absolutely insane all of this sounds, but bear with me.


If the consciousness is elevated enough, the bodies signals can be interrupted and even stopped. Pain is just a signal sent from one nerve center to another. Buddhists who achieve the highest states of meditation can elevate their minds eye (their soul) above the physical realm. That allows their soul to become simultaneously attached and unattached to their bodily vessel. If done right, they can forgo consuming food or water for longer than the human body should. Raising the consciousness up to that level can alter physical mass to a cellular level.


My abilities are not that refined…yet. I can rise above pain and block the signal from getting to my brain. I can slow my breath and heart-rate to a ridiculously low function. The negative aspect to this is the inability to function in high heat, due to a side effect that comes with being able to control your higher plain of existence which is low blood pressure. Low blood pressure and heat do not mix, it causes fainting, blurred vision, nausea, fatigue, and severe dehydration within minutes. I tend to go into a survival-mode and get extremely tired, so I will lock myself away in order to get my head back in a positive frame of mind.


Meditation is one of the only ways to get your mind to focus into the astral plane. If you still yourself, mentally and physically, you can actually begin to tap into the universe’s source of knowledge. It is legit. This is the real deal and can only be attained by meditation in some form, every single day. My meditation is reading to my my son every night before bed. Since I was a child, I had a hard time reading because of the amount of concentration it required, which would cause severe fatigue in a very short time. For a while I didn’t see the benefit of that much exertion. But as I grew into adolescence I realized the ritual became an integral part of my daily centered-ness. The focus alone trained my mind to release and succumb to the void that is the universe. Everyone has that mindless thing they do every single day in order to feel normal, that is what this is, that is your meditation.


That is enough of this for now. You all should get a general idea of what I am getting at, but if you don’t, just keep trying. It will come to you. You are not lost, your mind is not broken, you just need to find your own path to the universal consciousness. No one can ever take you there, you have to make it your own, and trust me – it is worth it.


Get in touch with me if you want to chat some more, my number and email are listed at the top of my website. Don’t be shy.


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