Addressing boundaries when people ask for help.



A psychic is a spiritual adviser of sorts, I will try to help with as much as I can, but I cannot fix everything. I am not a psychiatrist or psychologist. It is not my place to diagnose issues or to help out in non-spiritual ways. I can weigh in my opinion, but if someone comes to me seeking help, I will assist them in finding the help they need, even if it means sending them somewhere else.

Being predominantly a Claircognizant Empath is defined as simply “knowing” information. My go-to is to give advice with no indication of its source. I can help with decisions and can read peoples intentions quickly. Sometimes it is hard to find out where my information comes from. I can directly connect with specific spirits if I need to, but it isn’t always necessary.

Now if someone comes to me asking for a psychic reading, I will connect to whomever they choose to connect with, or I will open myself up to anyone who wishes to communicate. But if someone comes to me for a psychic reading but doesn’t want me to confer with the universe, they’ve come to the wrong place.

My everyday life has very little carry-over when it comes to me as an individual versus myself as a psychic. Everyone I am close to knows who I am and what I do, yet I have rarely had any instances where people have overstepped a boundary. I don’t mind helping out and answering questions. Another good reason is because of something I mentioned in a previous blog post; I choose the friends and family I surround myself with very carefully.

A lot of the time I have the exact opposite problem actually. I am so upfront about my abilities to my close circle of friends, if they have a question it is asked outright. I encourage this. I am never asked formally for spiritual guidance, out of fear that I will feel used. This is hilarious to me, because I only keep people close that truly care. Needing that advice is completely okay to ask for (I’m looking at you friends).

My style is not at all common amongst the well-publicized psychic community. I have no gimmick, I have no ‘show’, I look like an average person, and I do not blow smoke up a person’s ass. NOT all psychics do this! I am merely making a point in regards to the TV version of psychics. Even ‘normal’ psychics are depicted bizarrely in the media. It only takes that one extreme case to make us all look questionable. Just remember, we are not all the same in any way.

The best way I can describe how it usually goes in a session with me is I try to make it feel like you are sitting down with a friend. I am all about comfort and hospitality. Once I am sure you are comfortable, that is when we can start talking. I answer questions and commune with spirits on a case by case basis.

Now, most of the time I have no issues, but on occasion I am asked questions that I am not sure the person actually wants to know the answer to. This is where I have a tricky situation to manage. I am not very filtered; if asked, I answer honestly. Sometimes the answer is not what the person is expecting and I can come off a bit harsh in the telling. It is not that I am incapable of passing information lightly; it is that I am simply a receiver and communicator. It is what it is. It is meant in the most sincere way and is never meant to be harsh.

Just know that if you come to a psychic asking if your significant other is cheating on you, don’t get mad at the messenger!

Go with light and love.

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