We never really go away.

abstract_animals_man_star_galaxy_water_light_1440x900_hd-wallpaper-402569Everyone has a different theory on what happens after you pass on. Because I have obviously not yet passed on, I also have my own theory. I, as a psychic, only see glimmers of the afterlife through foggy windows, but from what I have seen – everything you thought (in a positive sense) is all true. It is what you need it to be. Physically you “cease to exist”, but you live on through your energy. You go to a place in which you feel you deserve. No one can tell you where you go, only you can determine it. That is why you must always be good to yourself. Give yourself a break now and again.

The best way I have heard it described was in the lyrics of a song by Atmosphere, a Minneapolis, Minnesota based hip-hop band. Yes, I am about to quote a hip-hop band when referring to life and death, just roll with it. The lyrics go, “A soul is a soul, and a shell is a shell, the boarder in between is full of everything you’ve felt.”

The interpretation that I found in these words are your soul is one thing, and your shell (meaning, your body) is another thing entirely. The only thing they have in common is a shared experience in your existence. Other than that, they are separate things. Once the shell (body) is shed, the soul goes on to other things, other lives, other experiences, and other forms of learning.

Think of the dandelion; it blooms big and full of color, but its seeds inside remain protected and growing until the very end. That is when the flower opens and allows the seeds to immerge and float away.  Think of the fluffy seeds being carried away in the wind as a representation of your soul. What happens to the flower when all of the seeds have floated away? The flower dies and becomes a part of the earth again, nourishing the soil for the next batch of flowers to bloom. It is just the cycle of life. We grow, we nourish our soul, once that job is done, we release it to go forth onto more soul nourishing experiences.

Now, the second part of the lyrics, “The boarder in between is full of everything you’ve felt.” That is the substance. That is what I mean by, ‘the only thing they [the shell and the soul] have in common is a shared experience in your existence’. Your existence is the very thing that connected the physical with the intangible. Isn’t that a beautiful thing? You should feel proud of yourself for being what you are. Your life, no matter how grand or simple, matters to the universe. Your soul grows with every life it leads, which means that you mean everything. Some people may, to the contrary, say that it could also mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I choose to go with “everything”. Without you…what would there be? An absence. No growth, no life, and no beauty. And you are beautiful.

That being said, you never really go away.

Is your loved one that has passed on still with you?

– Yes. They will always be with you. They may not be right next to you at all times, you may feel them around you sometimes and not so much in other times, but they are still there. If you asked them to be there for you when you needed them, they would be there, without a doubt. That little bit of hope that sits in the base of your stomach like a matchstick stubbornly staying lit. That is them. That is your loved ones. They protect your hope, even from you sometimes.

“Why don’t they show themselves when I ask them to come?”

– Well, if you were wanting someone to talk to, they are there listening already. They do not need to be seen for them to hear you. Also, souls are pure energy, they expel so much energy to make themselves seen to the average person (aka not a sensitive). That is why you may only see them when there is a life or death situation.

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